Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

I received this book in exchange for my review. There is a small amount of advertisement in the following post.

As  I am writing this review I am eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream. My last indulgence for a while anyhow as I try out this program. You can bet I am savoring every bite!

Inspired by Sarah Wilson’s personal experience, her work as a health coach and her interviews with the top experts from around the world, I Quit Sugar is a step-by-step guide for getting off sugar, complemented by recipes to keep you off it for good. The book will lead you through the various stages of detox and adjustment, with advice on how to lose weight and kill cravings.
The recipes are designed for minimal fuss and expense, and to supply you with ideas for breakfast (to replace the cereal and fruit salad with yogurt), kids treats, sweet treats, cakes, desserts and smoothies. Learn how to stock your fridge, pantry and freezer with sugar-free food ready to go. And the effect afterwards? Most people lose weight, up to 110 pounds in some cases… just by quitting sugar and changing nothing else in their lives. Others have come off their cholesterol and diabetes medication.
What's in this book:

  • A step-by-step guide for getting off sugar plus 108 sugar-free recipes!
  • Guidance through various stages of detox and adjustment.
  • Advice on how to lose weight and kill cravings.
  • Lessons on how to stock the fridge, pantry and freezer with ready to go sugar-free foods.
  • - See more at: I Quit Sugar
    Sarah's Website

    About the Author:
    Sarah Wilson is a NYT best-selling author, blogger and wellness coach whose journalism career has spanned 20 years, across television, radio, magazines, newspapers and online. She’s the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and was the host of the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest rating show in Australian TV history. 
    Sarah is an adept social commentator, following a career that’s spanned politics, health advocacy, restaurant reviewing, opinion writing and trend forecasting. She’s also a qualified health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.
    Sarah is the author of the Australian and UK best-sellers I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar For Life. I Quit Sugar was released in the USA and Canada April 2014 and is a NYT best seller. Sarah has also authored the best-selling series of ebooks from Her 8-Week Program has seen more than 300,000 people quit sugar.
    Sarah blogs at, lives in Sydney, rides a bike everywhere and when asked what her hobbies are cites “bush hiking”, planning her next meal and being fascinated by other people with real hobbies.

    I received this book from Waterbrook's Blogging Program in exchange for my unbiased opinion. I am not required to give a positive review. 

    My Thoughts:
    This book intrigues me - First of all because I KNOW I AM addicted to sugar. And secondly because I have gone somewhat sugar free before and felt much better than I do on a regular basis. My biggest problem... I always seem to get back in the sugar groove. 
    Now days, it sure seems like everything is bad for you - the sun, water... Seriously?.... and sugar. So how do we become healthy people without stressing so much about everything we do, eat, etc... I am yet to figure that one out. 
    Sarah Wilson describes the negative effects of sugar, especially fructose, but also the alternative, artificial sweeteners. I like knowing the "why's", hence another reason why I like this book. She also gives an 8 week plan which does not begin with quitting sugar cold turkey, instead you begin by weaning yourself off of it and intake smaller doses until you quit altogether. Sarah also gives quite a few recipes, tips, and much more to encourage your journey. 
    And one thing I liked that she mentioned went something like this - Do not expect a sugar free craze to take over our country or universe any time soon. Sugar is just too important to producers and consumers. Everyone will NOT be in on quitting sugar.
    And yet, I would like to eat healthier for personal benefits, and also would like to teach my children to eat healthier, at least for the majority of the time. My biggest struggles are finding recipes that I like, enough "healthy" foods to eat since I am not a huge vegetable eater, and even finances can play in since in some cases it seems eating healthy is more expensive although I am not sure if that is true or just seems to be that way.
    Sarah's recipes do call for quite a few items I do not stock at all, but she also gives a list of places these items may be found. I have not yet checked into the cost of the items.  I have noticed though as I begin to pay attention to the things I am eating that include sugar or fructose, it seems to be in just about everything. 

    I am not sure personally that I will succeed in going sugar free, but if I manage to stick with the program for any length of time, I will attempt to remember to update you on how it went along with the pros and cons. 

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