Monday, June 9, 2014


This morning I was reading a book I am probably already supposed to have reviewed. It spoke to me about some things in my life I need to be working on and I wrote a prayer to the LORD.  Asking Him once again to help me get lost in HIM. That when people see me, they won't see my "good deeds", my accomplishments, my "talents", instead they will see Jesus.  How that ties in exactly with what I write next, maybe won't be as obvious to you, but it made sense to me. smile

I turned on the computer to check emails. He sent me two.

The First one from Kathi Lipps Blog - What Our Kids Want More Than a Pinterest Perfect Birthday Cake
God spoke to me:
The words that stood out -
"Present over perfect."
I just want to be present, enjoy each day to the fullest with my children, my family, my friends, and serving the Lord.

The SecondFor Whose Glory on Allume by Kayse
In this post she talks about pride and distraction. Once again, both of these are things I need to deal with and work on. There is soooo much to do!!! ALL the time!!. I do not want my kids to suffer my lack of attention, time management, pursuit of my own goals and dreams. I do not want my pride to be my motivator. I know God has a purpose for me to fulfill.  But first and foremost He has given me a family to take care of.   And no matter what I am doing... it is all
"for His Glory"

Both of these news feeds in my box were great reminders of what God wants me to be doing.  So this summer, while I am still blogging, working, and ministering, I aim to re-focus and be in a present mind, in the moment, (not distracted) and enjoy the life God gives!  I also will be intentional in taking time to enjoy my children, family, and friends! I want to do it all whole heartedly - as unto the Lord.

I hope you are enjoying summer and life.
How do you practice living in the moment? 
Do you ever get tired of living stressed and distracted. What actions do you take to reign things back in?

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