Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Summer Reads and an Upcoming Break

July is here! WOW this year has gone by so quickly...
As we hit mid summer and mid year, I seem to be busier than ever.
I decided to take this month off from blogging. I have pretty much caught up my current review books, although eagerly awaiting the ones coming that I have yet to read. So it's a great time for a break.
RBP's 2014 VBS Arrow Island
We have Vacation Bible School coming up in a few weeks, I need to prepare for. Awana starts back with school in August. I am attempting to get my Etsy Shop up and running and my house needs a major
organizational make-over. You know all those little things you never get to. The store-it-all-til-I-have-time-to-get-to-it space in the basement is running over; the kids need my attention, and I want to enjoy as much of summer as I can with them - reading, playing, swimming, relaxing and doing all those fun summer things we are "supposed" to be doing.
So I decided to take time off, but I will be back again in August with more reviews, giveaways, and hopefully some exciting stuff!

I am leaving you with a list of a few of my Summer reads. I will be tackling these while I am enjoying the blogging break.  Some of them have been on my TBR pile forever, some of them I have read before but want to re-read, and some are just books I agreed to review that sound wonderful.  
I am listing these in random order, not necessarily according to my reading plan.

The Chance


  1. Sounds like the perfect time to take a break and what a great line up of books! Happy break time!

  2. I've got some of these books on my summer list too:-)


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