Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm Back with a Giveaway! - Ended - Winners at end of Post

I am sooo excited to be back!
My break was super enjoyable, relaxing yet busy (if that makes sense), and much needed. I did not get my whole list of summer reads read, but I did get a couple of books under my belt, which I will be reviewing soon. I also was able to get a few things accomplished and our Vacation Bible School program was amazing and worth all the time and effort invested.

We always go all out on our classroom and church decorations. 
Here are some pictures of my room decor

 As mentioned in an earlier post our theme was Arrow Island- 
Hence the "island" look
 Waterfalls with blue rope lights looked pretty cool in the dark
Our relaxing beach scene with hammock, sea shells, and other fun items. 
Just please don't sit in the hammock! It's for decoration only.
We also had a hut of sorts - that you can't really see well in the picture hanging from the ceiling.

My primary group - grades 1-3 were such an exciting and fun bunch of kids. I love that age- attentive, spunky, keep you on your toes, yet sweet and sincere. We had a blast! We did science experiments, exploded volcanoes, and even surprised them with some silly string "fire from heaven" during one of the stories about Elijah. Our class averaged about 12 a night, but we have three different classes for that age group, so that adds up to around 40 primary kiddos. Our nightly attendance average for all ages of children that came - 130! Not bad for a small town.

Other summer news:
Sadly, our pool sprung a leak and is empty, so all those hours I planned to sit by the pool watching the kids swim... well, they did not happen.  Instead, I did get some organizing done around the house and have been spending some time prepping for school this which is about to begin! It seems like school starts earlier and earlier every year and it is still summer, not fall, when its time to start. We had puppies born, and other wise, just some enjoyable days together.

I was hoping to announce the opening of my Etsy Shop today. Alas, some unexpected things came up,  so it will be a little bit longer. But I have been busy working on projects for the shop and can't wait to have it up and running! I love sewing, crafting and working with my hands. As soon as it is open, I will be hosting a Grand Opening Giveaway and hope you'll be back to join me.

Just to kick off August in full force I am going to offer a GIVEAWAY!
I have two books to give away
#1 SHADOWS of the PAST by Patricia Bradley
Shadows of the Past, Logan Point Series #1   -     By: Patricia Bradley
If you want to know what its about... You can read my review HERE

#2 HEAVEN is for REAL for Kids
Heaven is for Real for Little Ones: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back  -     By: Colton Burpo, Todd Burpo, Sonja Burpo

The basic "rules" are simple. To enter - LEAVE a COMMENT - 
Tell me something you did this summer and which book you would like to win. 
Please be sure I have a way to contact you if you win (email or something) or you forfeit your chance.
Must be 18 to enter. I will choose winner August 12th. 
If you want any extra entries feel free to follow my blog in some form or fashion or share with a friend. Just let me know what you did! 
Winners are:
Sandra - Shadows of the Past and 
Becky - Heaven is for Real for kids 


  1. Sorry about your pool! I would be happy to win a copy of Shadows of the Past. Suspense is my favorite genre and I have been wanting to read a book by Patricia Bradley. Thank you for offering a copy.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kay. I am sure you will enjoy reading Shadows of the Past. Patricia is a great writer.

  2. Welcome back, Amy!! You were missed, but I'm glad you had a good break, even if those days of lounging by the pool didn't materialize. Love the tropical VBS theme; oh, the memories I have of volunteering during lots of those programs!

    My favorite memory is when my Beth, around 8 at the time, had to climb a ladder behind some staging and deliver a few lines. No one knew, and she certainly didn't tell anybody, but she is terrified of heights and couldn't get her words out after managing to climb up during rehearsal. The prompter kept repeating her cue, but was only met with silence. It was so hard not to laugh! I think they found a lower position for her to speak from!

    Don't enter me, Amy. I was just welcoming you back. Whoever wins Shadows of the Past will enjoy it.

    1. Carole,
      It always warms my heart to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your VBS adventure. We always have such a great time and many fun memories too.

      You probably already read this book. I remember you doing an author interview with Patricia.

  3. We had a family emergency this summer so all of our plans got put on hold. We are hoping everything is wrapped up by the beginning of September because we have already paid for a trip to take our daughter to Disney World for her first time! That would be a wonderful ending to our summer. I would like to enter to win the Heaven is for real book for my daughter. I follow you on Facebook and pretty sure on Twitter too!

    1. I hope your life does settle down and you get to go on that trip. Sounds like that would be a wonderful way to end your summer.
      Thanks for following.

    2. Becky, YOU WON!! Heaven is for Real for kids! Congrats

  4. Hi Amy! First one think haven't yet done but would like to...spend a few hours with you. (Not trying to get brownie points here, honest! :) Your room is soooo incredible for your primary class at Vacation Bible School...great # of people for Pikeville! God is good! Let's see...this summer I am helping my kids get ready for college! That's a new one for me, for sure. I think I would like to read "Shadows of the Past" and then take to the jail for the ladies to pass around there. I love offering them Christian books along with their Bibles to read. By the way, I've seen your homeschool board on and your kids are gonna have a spectacular year...with I could be in your class!!! Love homeschool!

    1. Sandra, Thanks for the sweet comments on my room! And I miss you too!!! I am excited about the new school year too. Its going to be fun! And congratulations you won - Shadows of the Past!

  5. Winners are Sandra - Shadows of the Past and Becky - Heaven is for Real!


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