Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dirty Faith by David Z. Nowell - Review

Put Your Faith Into Action

Do you ever feel like something in your faith is missing, that going to church, 
studying the Bible, and tithing just aren't enough? There has to be more, right? What would it look like to truly "follow" Christ and not just believe in him?

David Nowell asked the very same questions, and was led to minister to the "least of these," whom God loves deeply. In "Dirty Faith," Nowell shares powerful stories of faith in action, and encourages us to move with him from the sidelines to the front line, to get our hands dirty helping the hopeless, the disenfranchised, and the poor.

Loving as God loves is central to the gospel, whether that means taking in foster children, ministering to inmates at the local jail, or something else God has in mind just for you. Let this inspiring book help you find what's been missing in your faith. 

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About the Author:
David Z. Nowell
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David Z. Nowell is an author, speaker, and President of Hope Unlimited for Children, a Christian nonprofit that ministers to sex-trafficked children, street orphans, and child prisoners.  Prior to joining Hope in 2007, he spent most of his career as a senior administrator at several Christian colleges. He is a graduate of Baylor University with a Ph.D. in historical theology. Nowell's blog, Pursuing Dirty Faith surrounds topics of faith, orphan care, and lifestyle stewardship. He and his wife, Susan, make their home in Jefferson City, TN.  Learn more at

I received this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion. No other compensation given. All opinions are my own.
My Thoughts:
I could write a really long review on this book. I was so moved as I read it.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me countless times. It's interesting how, so many times, when we are seeking - God will put exactly what we need in our path, and not just once but multiple times.  This book, for me, was just an affirmation of the concepts God has been laying on my heart - A reinforcement so to speak.

 "What if overflowing love shapes everything we do?"

Warning! If you don't want to be convicted or changed... then don't pick up this book. I honestly don't think anyone can truly read this book with an open mind and not re-think living the Christian life, how we use our blessings, and what God has called each of us to do. This book is a call to ACT! It's easy to have a passive faith - to be apathetic- We're saved, comfortable, and not overly concerned with others. If we do feel a tug on occasion, we just drop a few extra dollars in the plate for missions, serve a meal at a homeless shelter, or maybe take a week off to go on an overseas mission trip.  But we avoid long term investments in the lives of "the least of these". Except, if we truly reflect on Jesus' life, ministry, and actions.... He invested himself in the lives of others!!

The content of this book is not pretty or easy to read.  Children in slums, prostitution, prisons, gangs, as criminals, being trafficked, lives that seem to be ruined and without hope ... Children who only know that type of lifestyle, and even after being rescued may chose to return  - because it's all they've every known. Yet these are children (people)  "who need the healing that only comes from the Father of love".  God loves them no less than He loves me.  "As followers of Christ me must seek redemption and transformation ... that redemption begins in forgiveness, because without forgiveness there can be no relationship." "Our focus is to love others in a way that brings transformation." Transformation requires relational activity.  Its about a long term commitment and investment 

Faith calls for action. Being Jesus to those around us. Its also a call to relationship! Loving the unlovable.

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