Monday, September 15, 2014

Random Thoughts....

Not very often do I blog about much other than reviews on the books I am reading...
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But over the course of this past year or so God has been really working in my heart. And I have been amazed at how God has providentially provided books that incorporated the same ideas - although the books themselves were in no way related to each other and didn't even come from the same publishers or authors, they often spoke the same message to my heart...

What message, you might want to know?
Here are of few of the concepts. Of course, I am sure none of them are new, but sometimes God allows us to see them in a "new" light.

  • Using my talents for God -
  • Being bold in my faith
  • Living it... Christianity - a lifestyle, not a religion, a relationship.
  • Christ to the least of these
  • Identity vs Circumstance - what makes me any different than any one else - Nothing but circumstance - in God's eyes we are all created equal!

Some of the books I am reading or have just finished up -

Dirty FaithDirty Faith - My review on it Here - In a nutshell it is Faith in Action, Loving like God loves, Giving not just my time, talent, etc... but myself to the Lord. Relationships instead of simply Religion.... So very thought provoking!!

The Desire
The Desire - Review here - a totally fictional book but the message is incredible - Caring about peoples problems, Poverty and how God can use us to bring change - even if only one child at a time, Loving like Jesus, Humility, Complete surrender to God's will for my life

Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey
Gently Awakened - A totally random offer from an author I had never heard of. (Upcoming review) But it is amazing how it has tied into the other books I have or am reading. Using our talents to glorify God and draw people to him - Not being ashamed of the gospel - Blooming where God has planted us - Doing what God created us to do

I wish I could convey words on the screen in a way you could relate. I would love to be able to express how God is using all this in my life. There is so much more to life than the mundane - get up, work, raise my family, eat, sleep, play, entertain.... And yet all of those things are relevant too, but not without Christ walking each step with me and using me in each area to be Jesus to those around me.

I struggle alot with what I say - is it too much, too little, too outrageous, too bland... Maybe its because I am a bit insecure - honestly who really cares what I have to say. LOL
But am I living the abundant life God promised, am I cowering in fear.
Am I being Jesus to the world or just going through life mundanely living because I know my eternity is already secure?  Is my Christianity just a set of rules I check off and follow or am I doing this because I really love Jesus and have a one on one relationship with him? I am yet to figure out how to be completely surrendered to the Lord - what that looks like and how that is going to change my life and the lives of those I come in contact with.
I am so blessed and do not want to squander my blessings on meaningless "stuff"!
I believe Christ's return is imminent!

How about you?
I would love to hear any thoughts you have...

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