Monday, October 13, 2014

-The New - Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall - A Review

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

You Are Worth Waiting For!

In a world consumed with quick-fixes, superficial romances, and “hookup” relationships, maybe you’re asking—
What’s the benefit to actually waiting for God’s best? Is there a perfect plan for my future—or is it just a fairy tale?
Should I just settle like everyone else?

By using this interactive study guide, (ideal for Bible studies, small groups, and church classes going through the Lady in Waiting video sessions), you will answer these questions as you discover how to:
• Step into your royal identity as a daughter of the King and experience contentment, security, and patience in your life • Protect your purity as you see how God sees you—Valued, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind
• Take advantage of the waiting process and use it to become a woman of devotion, faith, and conviction
• Refuse to settle for anything or anyone less than God’s best for your life

Enjoy the wait, embrace the journey, and experience the extraordinary power of being a Lady in Waiting!

*This book is a study guide is designed to accompany Lady in Waiting DVD series.

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About the Author:
Jackie Kendall has ministered through teaching and counseling for more than 30 years. As President of Power to Grow Ministries, Jackie is a sought after conference speaker for people of all ages and stages of life. Jackie has chosen a road marked by personal vulnerability, accessibility and honesty.
She readily admits to being a "fellow struggler" and sees transparency as a most important link in personal growth toward Christ. 
Jackie co-authored the best-selling book for single women, Lady in Waiting she has also written many more life changing books, including; A Lunatic on a Limb with JesusSay Goodbye to Shame: And 77 Other Stories of Hope and Encouragement, The Mentoring Mom: 11 Ways to Model Christ for Your Child,  A Man Worth Waiting For: How to Avoid a Bozo, The Young Lady in Waiting: Developing the Heart of a Princess, Lady in Waiting for Little Girls: Strengthening the Heart of Your Princess(coauthored with Dede Kendall, 2009), and her book on forgiveness, Free Yourself to Love: The Liberating Power of Forgiveness (2009).
Jackie's husband is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Power To Grow Ministries. Ken previously served in short-term mission with World Servants for 16 years. They have two grown children, Ben and Jessica. Jackie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education/English/Bible.

I was provided this book by TBCN, publisher, and author in exchange for my unbiased opinion. No other compensation has been given and I was not required to review positively. 

My Thoughts:
Until now, I had not had the privilege of reading Jackie's works. But I was very impressed with this book and the importance of it in the lives of our girls. How I wish I had had some books like this to read back when I was younger and single. I know I rushed things along, and was not a very patient "lady in waiting".

Jackie uses Ruth as an example of what a lady in waiting should be. Her life is a testimony to other young ladies who may feel like God has forgotten them. Some of the subjects she addresses are
  • Lady of Devotion
  • Lady of Faith
  • Lady of Purity
  • Lady of Conviction
  • Lady of Contentment
to mention just a few. Jackie gives examples of young ladies she has known that are serving the Lord wholeheartedly as they wait on him to provide the man for them. She also gives Scriptures to back up her thoughts. It is so easy to panic when you feel like maybe you have been on the back burner and left behind when it comes to a mate. You may even settle for less than God's best just because you are desperate, or compromise when the going gets tough.

Although, this book is mostly written for single women, there is a whole lot to glean for any women whether single, married, divorced, or widowed. It is directed towards the heart. It's all about becoming God's best while waiting for Mr. Right or whatever God has planned for your life. It's about learning to trust God's perfect will for your life. I would recommend this book highly to many ages of women as well as mom's who are needing some help guiding their daughters as they approach the relationship age. This book can be read through, or used as a study guide in an individual or group setting. 

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