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STOLEN by Katariina Rosenblatt, PhD - Review

There is hope, even on the darkest of days
Katariina Rosenblatt was a lonely and abused young girl, yearning to be loved, wanting attention. That made her the perfect target. On an ordinary day, she met a confident young woman--someone Kat wished she could be like--who pretended to be a friend while slowly luring her into a child trafficking ring. A cycle of false friendships, threats, drugs, and violence kept her trapped. 

As Kat shares her harrowing experiences, her ultimate escape, and her passionate efforts to now free other victims, you'll see that not only is sex trafficking happening frighteningly close to home--it's also something that can be stopped. Stolen is a warning, a celebration of survival, and a beacon of hope that will inspire you.
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About the Authors:
Katariina Rosenblatt, PhD, is living proof of the promise she heard long ago at a Billy Graham crusade that God would never forsake her. Katariina has a PhD in conflict analysis and resolution and works closely with law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and Homeland Security, to eliminate human slavery. She also founded There Is Hope for Me, a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing other victims of human trafficking. She has been featured on CNN and in Today's Christian Woman and lives in Florida.
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My Thoughts:
Once I started reading, I couldn't put this book down. It was insightful and heartbreaking all at the same time. It made me want to run out and begin rescuing those children who are being trafficked and at the same time hide my family in a place where no one could get to them. Conflicting emotions to be sure!!
From the very start, it made me think!!
Katariina is a young 13 year old girl with little to no self esteem and a rocky family life. She is befriended by a nice enough young lady who seems to REALLY care about her. She shows interest in her life, takes her places, and is always punctual in bringing her home. She builds Katariina's trust as well as her mother's. Only after a few months does this new friend make her move. Katariina's vulnerability stemmed from not having a home life where she felt loved and cared about. She was susceptible to accepting a false love from strangers to replace what she was lacking in her own childhood. She was also abused, and watched her mother tolerate verbal and physical abuse.

This book addresses the needs children have for receiving the love they need, being confident and have a good level of self-esteem.  While many times their physical needs are being provided for - how about their emotional inner needs? Are they learning that God is the only one who can fill their emptiness? Those are the things I want to strive for in my family. I don't just want to love them - I want them to KNOW it!!

Katariina's story is heart-wrenching, and yet, I can see this happening all around me. We have no idea how many children come from abusive homes, or have parents who work way too many hours to be there and care for them. These kids are vulnerable! Many have possibly endured physical, verbal and sexual abuse. How many kids are out there looking for significance, wondering if anyone cares about them, and them responding to the very first person who gives them any trace of attention.

This book also inspired me, to really love the kids I am blessed to be around. I may have no idea what their lives hold, and yet, I could be a listening ear, someone who cares, and leads them to God without exploitation or expectation of anything in return. These kids need someone who sees them as God sees them, a soul that HE loves and died for, not just another object or statistic. I think this book should be read by all!! It is eye-opening! We can do something about trafficking, and turning a cold shoulder, pretending it isn't happening or ignoring the facts doesn't solve the problem. Read this book!!

Not for a young audience due to mature nature of content.

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