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The FBI's search for an escaped convict, a former member of John Dillinger's gang, brought them to little Bobo's house as they attempted to unearth his father. Bobo's dad eluded capture, and the seven-year old joined his father, embarking on life as a fugitive. Searching for happiness through his Catholic boarding school years and success as a businessman, Jim Hall became entrenched in the mafia. With riveting tales of Frank Sinatra, Las Vegas casinos, and a possible connection to JFK's death, this is the miraculous true story of a boy connected to the Godfather who finds his way to peace with God the Father.

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J. Alden (Jim) Hall was a successful businessman for many years before committing to full-time Christian Ministry in 1992. Jim’s businesses were diverse and included the popular Carlos McGee’s restaurant chain. His involvement and close connections with members of the Chicago Mafia brought his name and businesses up before a special “Organized Crime Task Force” (OCTF). He became a target of the OCTF, and in 1982 was sentenced to 3 ½ years in federal prison. It was there that his life changed.

After his release, Jim owned a marketing and sales consulting business when Bruce Wilkinson, the founder of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, persuaded him to work with his organization. For fifteen years Jim led their Seminar Division and when he left was Vice President of Seminars and Training, as well as Interim Vice President of Publishing. He currently is a marketing and business consultant and a popular speaker in both Christian and non-Christian settings. Jim is active with his church and leads two large monthly Bible studies in Atlanta. He lives in the Atlanta suburbs with his wife Judy and is within driving distance of their three daughters and eight grandchildren.

I received this book from TBCN in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was provided.

A big thanks to  my friend Starr, who read and reviewed this book. This is what she thought:

This book was absolutely addictive.   I wanted to get through it to see what happened to Jim Hall.
This is written by a man who grew up “on the wrong side of the tracks”, and ended up on what he thought was the right side.   He had connections to the mafia, and was making amounts of money that would make all our heads spin.   There is a lot of suspense, danger, and tender moments in this book.  Jim Hall’s life is a shining example of how someone’s life can be completely transformed when they put their trust in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.   This quote in the front of Jim Hall’s book pretty much sums it up: “I’ve gathered memories from a life only God could have salvaged”.

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