Friday, February 20, 2015

Drain Wig - Review and Giveaway

Winner is Ann (3rd in comments)

Do you have trouble with clogged drains? Anyone in your family with long hair?

I have two daughters, both with pretty long hair and it seems like there is always hair in the tub drain. Recently I was invited to received a free DrainWig in exchange for my review on the product. I was thinking, heck yeah, if anything can help keep all that hair from going down the drain, send me one! So this is what I received and in a minute I will let you know what I thought.

I received one shower and one tub Drain Wig. Each comes with a cute design - a flower or an anchor along with a suction cup on the back and a long chain with some pliable links attached crosswise at different intervals down the chain. These help catch the hair. You can easily insert it into the drain.

My Opinion:
Having two with long hair certainly can clog up drains quickly. I was very excited to review this product. We only have one tub/shower combination so I used it in there. I used it for several days before removing it. And here's what I got! It's a little nasty looking... but it works!! It really will catch the hair in the drain and help keep it from getting clogged. 
These are very cute. They actually are attractive and I don't think any of my family noticed it was even in the tub. We do not frequently use the tub itself, so I am not sure how it works if you have to stop up the tub, but I surely there is a plan for that also.

You can find out more information by going to DrainWig and checking out their site, or reading the Press Release.

They have also offered a special promo code to my readers! For $5 off – enter in the promo code box at check out the code “FIZZ5” (that is a number 5 at end – not an “S”)

To top it off - DrainWig has allowed me to do a GIVEAWAY!
Winner receives two shower and two tub drainwigs at a $19.99 value.
To enter just leave a comment below after you go to DrainWig and let me know which style you would prefer if you were to win.

Winner must be 18 or older and a continental US resident. Products can only be shipped to continental US street addresses, no PO Boxes please. 

Giveaway will run through March 15th and winner will be randomly chosen March 16th. 

For extra entries you may choose to follow my blog via Google Friend, Google +, Bloglovin, or my Facebook page. (All on the right sidebar) Just let me know in your comment what you did. 
Don't forget to include email address. If there is not way to contact you - another winner will be chosen. 


  1. The bathtub style would be great. Between my hair and my daughters, we are constantly trying to clear the drain.
    I follow via bloglovin.
    Campbellamyd At gmail dot com

  2. I would need the bath tub style. I have super long hair and it falls out a lot!

  3. Three with long hair here. I could use this!

  4. The shower style would work best in my house. I follow on GFC Nancy Loring

  5. The Bathtub style would be great for my house. We constantly have people stay with us and it is a pain trying to clean the hair out of the drain when it gets clogged.

  6. The winner of the giveaway - randomly chosen - is Ann I Am!! Congratulations Ann!!

  7. I know I'm too late for the giveaway, but this product looks great! My husband likes my hair long, but he still complains about how it clogs the shower drain. :)

  8. What a brilliant idea. There are two long haired people in our family and we are constantly pulling their hair out of the drain- particularly in the bath. This looks really simple and effective, and as you say it's actually kind of cute. Could save us a lot of fiddly and unpleasant hair removal in the future.


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