Thursday, February 19, 2015


Around here
Snow is a BIG deal!!
It doesn't matter if its an inch or a foot
or maybe just a dusting
 We don't get it often...
But when we do
Life seems to stand still for a while
 The kids get out of school
The world slows
Except the grocery stores of course
They get bombarded!
So if you're wondering where I am this week
I am out playing in the snow with my kids...
Enjoying some time with my grand-kids who are out of school...
Making snow cream and drinking hot cocoa.
And spending some time at my sewing machine finishing a quilt that is much over due. 
But I will be back... soon
Because, I also read a very intriguing book this week and I cant wait to share it!


  1. Replies
    1. It probably seems crazy to you - coming from Alaska and all that everything here shuts down for two inches of snow! I thought it was nuts when I moved south too, but considering everything around us is mountains, it is just too dangerous to drive. The main roads are open and usually not bad, but the back roads are still covered in snow.


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