Saturday, February 21, 2015

Team Spirit Quilt

Last year, my daughter and I, made a team rag quilt for her boyfriend for his birthday. 
He's a die hard Georgia Bulldog fan. She selected two team prints and a coordinating color to go with it. She also set up a grid of how we could put it together. 
This picture doesn't really do it justice, but there was really no good place in my home to lay a quilt out for a picture. She was so excited to have it done, she gave it to him before I got to take a good picture. Later, she took this one with her phone. 
We backed it with black flannel so it would be warm and cozy.

A rag quilt is pretty simple to make since you just sew the front, batting, and back all together in a block. After making all your blocks, you then sew them together and snip the seams. After washing several times, the edges fray and make the quilt look awesome!

I am linking up over at Hobbies on a Budget to the Annual Online Quilt Show. If you haven't had a chance you will want to hop on over there and check out the very cool quilts displayed. Also if you happen to have a quilt you have made or someone has made for you - you can always share your quilt story and link up with us. 


  1. This is cool! You need to show me how to do this :)

    1. These are the funnest easiest quilts to make. I can sure show you how!


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