Friday, April 24, 2015

Where Are You Hiding?

Today, I am linking up with the Five Minute Friday community. Once we get our "word" for the day - we have five minutes to write. No editing, just what flows from the heart.
Today's word is HIDE.

Do you ever just want to run and hide?
This week I have definitely felt like hiding.
Life has just been hard and I am weary!
Dragging myself out of bed every day has not been an easy feat.
Usually, I am upbeat, motivated, and excited about life. 
But the last few weeks, It seems like hiding under the covers or the bed, ignoring the world, or crawling in a deep, dark hole for a few days would be easier than getting up and cheerfully facing life. 

When I saw today's word was HIDE, the first thing that came to mind was:
 "That's what I want to do! HIDE!" 
From people, from my responsibilities, from LIFE! (just for a while)

But instead God gently reminded me - 
"You need to HIDE in me!"   
That's just what I needed to hear. 
Psalm 27:5,6 KJV

Notice the word HIDE in this passage - 
HE shall HIDE me in his pavilion
in the secret of his tabernacle shall HE HIDE me

Then what happens? I make a choice!

And NOW shall mine head be lifted up
Therefore  WILL I offer ... sacrifices of JOY
I WILL sing praises!

Being joyful, at times, may seem like a sacrifice. How much easier to wallow in my "misery", but God wants me to PRAISE him no matter what my circumstances bring - because of Who He Is! And he will Hide me in Himself. 

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  1. Great thoughts, and exactly what God is saying to me right now. I've been trying to prove myself to Him, instead of hiding myself in Him.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, He is a great place to hide! Thanks for these words of encouragement! :) Stopping by from #fmf


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