Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Brave Girls - Faithful Friends by Tommy Nelson Kidz

Faithful Friends, forever true . . . hearts together, me and you!

From the time they are babies, some little girls reach out to those around 
them, smiling, laughing, playing, and making friends. Others might find it a little tough. This new Brave Girls devotional features 90 devotions that will reinforce a young girls desire to have friends, to BE a friend, and to help her share her faith with friends of all ages. Just as God is our "Forever Friend," faithful and true, the Brave Girls take readers through these pages, encouraging her to be best friends she can be! 
Each devotion will include:
  • A relevant opening scripture from the Bible
  • A thought-provoking devotion to encourage a faithful and friendly heart
  • An engaging closing prayer to help the reader become the ambassador of friendship God wants her to be!

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I received this devotional through the BookLook Program in exchange for my honest opinion.

My Thoughts:
This devotional for girls is very cute. It is broken into six sections - 
  1. God is My Best Friend
  2. Bible Friends
  3. Critter Chat
  4. Friendship Starters
  5. Friendship Fixers
  6. Friends at Home
The first section talks about the importance of realizing that God is a girls best friend.
The second part talks about people in the Bible who were good or not-so-good friends, for example Ruth, Delilah, Joseph and many others.
The third section uses God's amazing creatures to explain friendships. If your daughter is an animal lover, she will appreciate these devotionals.
Section four provides tips on phone conversations, party planning and other such things.
What do you do about loneliness, gossip, forgiveness? Find out in section five - friendship fixers. 
Does your daughter appreciate her family members, and consider them as friends? The Friends at Home chapter is a good starting point. 

Each day begins with a short Scripture verse, then a devotional with a story and explanation of how to apply that verse to our lives, and ends with a prayer pointer.  On some days there are additional things to do such as - quizzes, questions to answer, as well as activities.  At the end, Quizzing the Night Away and Friendship Fun Zone. 

As with the other devotional in this series, Better Than Perfect, I really enjoyed this devotional and am excited to be able to share it with my daughter. I would say its mostly geared towards younger elementary age girls. I believe most girls will enjoy using it and doing the activities as well as finding things they can apply to their lives. 

Personally, the only thing I may have wished different would have been a little more Scripture. Maybe an actual passage to read instead of just one verse, but overall I found it quite appealing.

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