Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Than Just "The Talk" by Jonathan McKee

In light of recent media coverage... This seems like a good time for reviewing this book. How do we approach our children with the topic of sex? What do we teach them, and how do we teach them. Is this a one time conversation? Or should we be talking about this regularly?

Have Real Conversations With Your Kids About Sex
Cover ArtThe old ways of having the "sex talk" just won't cut it anymore. Sadly, the number one place today's young people go to for answers about sex is Google. Meanwhile, kids view nearly 14,000 sexual references a year on television, and 70 percent of teenagers have encountered pornography on the Internet. If we want our children to know the truth about healthy sexuality, we need to create a comfortable climate of continual conversations.

Jonathan McKee will show you how to move beyond the initial awkwardness of this subject into an ongoing communication with your kids about God's
amazing gift of sex. He equips you with what you need to talk openly about dating, temptation, porn, and purity, and you will find answers to tough questions and relevant Scripture on sexual issues.

It's normal for kids to be curious about sexuality, and they need to know that their parents are the most reliable source of information. Be the one your kids turn to on this crucial topic.

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About the Author:
Jonathan McKee
Jonathan McKee is an expert on youth culture and the author of more than a dozen books, including Sex MattersGet Your Teenager Talking, and The Guy's Guide to God, Girls, and the Phone in Your Pocket. He has twenty years of youth-ministry experience and speaks to parents and leaders worldwide. He also writes about parenting and youth culture while providing free resources at Jonathan, his wife, Lori, and their three kids live in Northern California. 
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I received this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not given any other compensation and not required to review this positively.

My Thoughts:
After growing up in a conservative home, where sex was not discussed often and when it was, at least to me, it seemed to be in a negative context. It mostly came across as a "thou shalt not" topic. (This is not to reflect negatively on my parents, who by the way, I love, respect, and think very highly of)  I believe it was just the way sex was addressed back then, or how they were taught. Sex was to be saved for marriage, anything else was taboo. (Of course, I still feel that way) But I think the presentation could have been a little more positive, and that is what I like about this book.
Sex was just not something we "talked" about. Maybe we should have been more open. It made people uncomfortable. And even in raising my oldest, I was the same way. But now I see that we need to be talking about this in a positive light with our children. Because everyone else is!!! Society is broadcasting sex left and right. Media, magazines, music, video games, and almost all sorts of entertainment use sex or sexual content to market, support, propagate their product. Sex is appealing. And it should be, because God created it that way, but not the way the world is marketing it to our children. 
So what is this book all about? Being pro-active! Combating those loud voices that are talking to your children. Being your child's go to person when it comes to questions about sex. Hearing those "shocking" questions without freaking out, and being able to answer them in a way that won't turn God's gift into something negative. With all the negative feed our children are getting, we as parents have a choice to be open and honest, to present the truth of God's plan for sex and marriage, and to keep open the doors of communication. 
This book addresses tough issues, the appropriate age to begin talking to your children, how to answer those hard questions, and what to do if your child has already gotten involved in areas you would rather not think about. It is never too late, and in some ways, it is never too early to open those doors of conversation. The things you think they never think about, may already be on their minds. 
I personally, feel like every parent, especially Christian ones, would benefit from reading this book. I know it has really been helpful to me, and I intend to keep it as a reference for future use.

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