Thursday, July 23, 2015

TEN Less Nine Equals ONE

TEN lepers along the road
                ... pleading with Jesus for healing
TEN lepers healed

Only one gave thanks!

How often do I get what I ask Him for and forget to give thanks?
Daily my blessings abound and yet is my heart truly grateful? Or do I spend time complaining about what I don't have, don't like, can't do?

Satan will tempt our hearts with ungrateful attitudes and if we are not careful we will take for granted what God has so graciously given ... the good and even what may seem bad.

Blessings abound... stop and count them.

My TEN list:
1. Jesus
2. Bible
3. My Family
4. Laughter
5. Summer/ Seasons
6. My Friends
7. My Home
8. Learning to Trust
9. Prayer
10. My Church and a Pastor who preaches the Word

Are you one of the nine or the grateful one who turned back to give thanks?
Be the ONE who stands out!

I wrote this post as part of the Five Minute Friday community.
Check out the word for the week, write for five minutes, stop and post!
Simple as that.


  1. I'll be the one giving thanks, very similar tow what I wrote about, hey.
    Five Minute Friday friend

  2. Thanks for this reminder, we need it often and remember to give thanks! It will always lift our spirits!


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