Monday, September 28, 2015

Brother Charlie by Isaac St. Laurent

This is a cute well illustrated with lots of colorful pictures about an older brother and a younger one.

The older brother is needing him mother's attention after his younger sibling comes along. But every time he thinks he has a minute with her, baby brother seems to cry and need her too. At first he seems a bit disappointed, but instead of getting upset, he takes advantage of the situation and bonds with his baby brother, by doing the things with his brother, he wants his mother to do with him. 

It is a short book, but has a very sweet story. Anyone with a new baby coming along or maybe a young brother or sister and a sibling a few years older would enjoy this book.

This book was provided by in exchange for my honest review.


Isaac St. Laurent is in 12th grade at Lambert High School. He writes a heartfelt story written about his brother.
Isaac enjoys writing and playing video games and hopes to create his own gaming company, someday.

His book is available on Amazon.


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    1. Thank you! It was a quick read, very colorful and fun. Kind of reminded me of when my kids were little. One wanting attention while the other somewhat demanded it. :-)


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