Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What a BRAGGER! by Lee Ann Mancini

This book is the second in the Adventures of the Sea Kids series.
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Melissa Blowfish likes to brag that she can swim the fastest, climb the highest, and has the best of everything. Corey finds her crying in the sand box with her broken shovel, the only toy she had. They all chip in treasure coins for her birthday present. Melissa prays giving thanks to God for her friends and learns that true friendship is found in love.

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About the Author:
Lee Ann ManciniLee Ann Mancini is an award-winning author who is passionate about instilling Christian values in children, while encouraging them to pray to Jesus and to love others. She is an adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary. She has taught Bible studies for 10+ years, is an active community volunteer leader, is involved in Women’s Ministry at Spanish River Church, and is a board member of Alexandrian Forum. She is a member of Evangelical Theological Society and Society for Pentecostal Studies. Lee Ann loves to read, write, jog, and teach the Word of God. She is married and is the mother of two children. 

This book was provided by Book Crash in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive review. 

My Thoughts:
This is such a cute book for kids. I read it to my 8yr old daughter and she loved it. As a matter of fact we had to re-read it twice. It has a great message about thankfulness, caring for others, and even loving those that at times are unlovable.

Melissa, a blow fish, does a lot of bragging about things she really doesn't have. This bothers her friend Corey. He goes home and talks to his parents about it. They encourage him to be her friend. One day Corey finds Melissa crying, when he tries to talk to her she sobs that she does not have any of the nice things she has been bragging about. Corey secretly follows her home. What he sees breaks his heart and helps him understand Melissa a little better. Corey takes the problem to Jesus. He thanks God for all His blessings and begins working on a way to help Melissa see how special she is to Jesus too.

I was very impressed with this story. The book is very colorful and well illustrated. I think any child would love to have a copy of this book. It is a great way to teach them to care for others who may not be as well off as they are. There are also other books in the series that I have not read but my interest in them is peaked. 

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