Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Close as a Breath by Callie Grant

Parents have little warning when a child decides to pop a big question about life or God. But on a day out together, this dad is ready. He responds to his daughter’s flurry of questions about the world and God with the vital answer that matters most. In the Graham Blanchard book collection, Close as a Breath is an Absorb book, which connects studies about the facts of God with a child’s inner life. Children assimilate on a personal level who God is and how they are made to be with him, trust him and love him―the life of a believer. 

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 Callie Grant foundedGraham Blanchard to create children's books for growing up in God, by working with an extensive network of artists, parents, pastors, teachers, and children. The company is the culmination of her experience in the publishing industry paired with a strong calling to help families know God's love and nurture their faith through reading together. Her previous titles, under the name Callie Gregory, include Jeeves, I'm Bored: 25 Internet Adventures for Kids, and Jeeves, I Need Help: Tips and Tricks for Kids on the Net. 
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I was blessed with this book by the author and in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to give a positive review.

My Thoughts:
This is a nice little board book about a young girl who asks all kinds of questions. She wants to know about the air, the leaves changing, water freezing, the stars, and more. Her father wisely answers all her questions, and tell her about God. That He is the Creator, and even though He is far away, He is also "close as a breath". 

Creation speaks of God, Romans 1:20 says so. The author in a very sweet way conveys that idea through the book. Kids are full of questions. Especially when they hit the Why?Why?Why? stage. This book is a great way to answer those questions. The illustrations are done very nicely also. I think it is a cozy read! Curl up and enjoy it with your child.

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