Wednesday, December 9, 2015

"Frost" Bible - International Children's Version by Tommy Nelson

Beautiful 'Frost' design in a Bible kids can read and understand.

What little girl who has seen the incredibly popular animated wintery movie doesn't want to be transported to a fabulous crystal ice palace? The beauty of shimmering snowflake scenes is captured in our newest Bible design for little girls (and big girls too!). The cover is a sparkling blue hardcover frosted with holographic foil and beautiful frosty design elements. The interior is the full International Children's Bible®, the first translation created especially for kids. Inside are 24 pages of full-color Bible study helps that encourage girls to be loving, strong, caring, forgiving, helpful, adventurous, loyal, faithful, and most of all, beautiful young girls growing in God's shimmering light!

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My Thoughts:
Personally, I really liked this Bible. After reading a few reviews, I was a little leary of getting it. I really wanted a cute Bible for a girl that needed one.  She had seen one my daughter had purchased at a yard sale that came with a little bag and wanted one like it. 
Here's what I like about this Bible:
  • The cover is gorgeous! Sparkly silver snowflakes on a light baby blue background.
  • A bag with a clear front so the glittery cover will show through. (I wouldn't say its the best quality in the world - its made out of that reusable shopping bag fabric)
  • On the inside, some of the pages, such as, the place where you write your name, family tree, and other important stuff are a very pretty with a purple and blue design. 
  • It includes an illustrated timeline from Creation to the death of Christ.
  • It includes pages on How to Pray, How to Study Your Bible, How to Know Jesus Loves Me, Bible Verses to Know, etc..
  • In the back there are maps, names of God, the miracles and disciples of Jesus
  • It is written in a version kids can understand - The International Children's Version
This is what, I think, throws people off. The description says: "What little girl who has seen the incredibly popular animated wintery movie doesn't want to be transported to a fabulous crystal ice palace?" Naturally, people assume this means that the Bible is associated with the movie Frozen. But the only thing remotely related to the movie would be the beautiful snowflakes on the cover.  I think any parent or daughter would like this Bible if they did not start off with that impression. If they did, then it's likely they will be disappointed. 

This Bible is full of great resources for kids. There are life verses to memorize, promises, and even a dictionary. I really liked it. And the girl I gave it to loves it! She was not disappointed, she was thrilled. I think it deserves five stars. If my daughter did not already have one, I would have given it to her!

I received this Bible from BookLook bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion. I was in no way required to review it positively. 

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