Saturday, December 19, 2015

Return to the Dinosaur Planet by Cousin Summers

The Young Exciting Middle Grade Series 
Peter Baker has a dream of being the youngest boy scientist by producing his own documentary show called Dinosaur Planet (and getting famous). Which shouldn't be hard because his parents are dinosaur hunters, and he's been working on dinosaur digs ever since he can remember. 
But his plans get ruined when his father takes a job at a museum and his mother leaves for Africa. Now, he will not get to work on a dinosaur dig this summer, and must keep an eye on his younger sister every day, too.
Then he meets Casey Tucker, and his zoologist aunt. Here is a boy whose responsibility is to entertain a monkey from NASA (vacationing at the zoo) for several hours a day. But Casey's secret mission is to search for a legendary scientist that went missing years before, while working on a classified space project. At first, it's only fun and games. But it isn't long before the friends discover...

How dangerous some games really are.
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Cousin Summers (the Mysterious) has lived up in a lighthouse on Summers Island for longer than anyone can remember. But it doesn't matter that no one remembers when the stories started. The important thing is the lighthouse is where they all come from. You might be wondering where the mysterious part comes in. It is because Cousin Summers is a shy person (and busy, too), who spends so much time writing stories up in the lighthouse that a lot of rumors have started. Which is all we need to say about that, because we know where rumors come from. Sometimes there's a little truth to them, too. Either way, you will have to decide for yourself. What is known for certain is that Cousin Summers (the Mysterious) does not mind sharing the island with readers who find their way there. Oh, yes, and you will occasionally see Miss Lilly there (the light housekeeper who only does light housework). She can answer questions you might have about Cousin Summers, but you have to be polite. Then there's the Captain, who has lived long enough to know something about everything. He talks to anyone who will listen, regardless of whether they are polite or not. There are others on the island, too. But that's enough for now.

I received this book from in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to review this book positively.

My Thoughts:
I cannot say I read this book... However, I did observe my son reading it. He is around ten, and I can also say that every day he wanted to know if he could read a few more chapters before he had to put it up. He finished it in record time, and was always commenting this or that about the book. So, coming from observation, I would say that this book will keep a tween child interested and reading. Waiting and anticipating what is coming next. 

When he reads a book, I usually ask him a few questions such as
  • his favorite character
  • what he liked most
  • new words he learned
  • and a sentence he liked 

Here's what he had to say:
"My favorite character is Casey Jim and Dr. Finklestein. What I liked most about the story was when they became young scientifics. Some new words I learned were polarity and scientifics. Here's a sentence from the story, 'One moment, Peter, he said, (like he rescued kids out of whirlpools every day) We've got one more fish to catch.'" 

We are still working on being a little more specific and maybe a little more detail when telling about the book. But he even had me wondering what this book is about... According to him there is plenty of adventure and mystery. He is ready to read book two, which is hopefully coming out before long! 


  1. Lizzie hasn't started hers yet, but I hope she likes it as much as Tristan.

    1. Hopefully, she will!! I look forward to reading what she has to say about it.


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