Monday, January 4, 2016

My Intentional Mondays

This year as I think about my word 
 I decided to blog my intentional Mondays. That way I am making a plan for my week, and hopefully working through it. 

This week my goals are to blog several books I have been reading over the holidays as well as begin something new, I will tell you about in a minute.
Here are the upcoming reviews:
I am still finishing this one up. I have had it for a while, just haven't had a chance to delve in with all the December activities. I also have purchased an extra copy, so heads up to a GIVEAWAY.
So far, I am quite caught up in the mystery, and have not figured out "who done it" yet. 

Loved Regina's humor and the setting for this book
I have already gleaned some great information from this book. I am sure I will have to refer back to it often during the year as I practice my intentional living. And one of my goals is to do a better job parenting and being more aware of my children's attitudes, goals, and how to help them achieve what God wants for them.
I am currently listening to this one on audio
It really fits in with my word for the year
Not sure if I will have it finished or not, but my goal is to continue listening to it.

Something new I have been considering doing on the blog is Saturday Stitches. 
I love to sew! I mostly do alterations for people but I also sew things from scratch - per say.
My daughter got a new 18 inch doll for Christmas and I am working on some doll clothes for her. 
I have also considered several times selling on Etsy, but between the usual business of life, raising a family, and other obligations, I have yet to actually set up shop. The farthest I have gotten is a shop name and set up, but no merchandise. So my idea is maybe every other week doing a Saturday on sewing, what I have worked on that week, and maybe have a page with something for sale. I don't really know how this is going to work out but this year is about being intentional. And if I never get started doing anything, nothing will ever come of my dreams. So... look forward to a Saturday Session.

To those of you who actually take your precious time to do so - thank you for reading my blog. For stopping in on occasion and commenting. It really means alot!


  1. Okay Amy, I'm envious...First of all, that you are disciplined enough to do a regular thematic post on the same day of each week. I do love your "Intentional Mondays," though.

    And secondly, envious that you can sew. That's a wonderful talent and you should go for it as time permits. Sewing a button back on is difficult for me; I'd just as soon replace the garment. Enough said.

    Just finished At Love's Bidding and was crazy about it. Can't believe it took me this long to discover Regina's writing. Love her humor and the serious topics she deals with.

    See you soon, Amy.

    1. Thanks Carole for the sweet, thoughtful, encouraging words. I am blessed to have you as a friend.


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