Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Stitches - Bible Covers

For Christmas, I made my youngest a Bible Cover to go along with her new Bible - the NKJV faithgirlz Bible .

I didn't purchase anything special for this Bible cover, I just used my scraps.  But if making your own, it takes roughly a yard of fabric.

It is made in rag-quilt style by sewing pre-quilted blocks together, then fraying the edges by snipping, washing and drying.
I added handles for carrying and a snap to keep it together.
The inside has a pocket for a notebook or some paper and a small pocket for her pens.
It folds three ways. One side has flaps to insert the cover of the Bible. Then it folds over again with the notebook so it is all kept in one tidy case. 
Currently, I am making this same cover for a friend and her girls who also got new Bibles for Christmas.
The cost is $25 plus S&H.
If interested, feel free to contact me through the contact form on the right side of my blog 
take a minute to check out my Hand Made Items For Sale page and contact me there.

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