Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Stitches - Style Up Old Jeans

Have you ever had a pair of favorite jeans that are practically just wore to shreds but you just hate to get rid of them?

One of my friends is stuck on her jeans. She loves them, but honestly, they are past the tossing out day. Yet, she begged me to salvage them, if possible. So, I got a little creative and styled them up a bit and fixed all the holes that were ripping out.
A little bit of lace (I just purchased a roll at Walmart)
an old pair of jeans that can be cut up (to use as patches)
some scissors
and a sewing machine is all you need to get started.

I cut some pieces of both the old jeans and the lace large enough to cover up the holes. Then I
inserted them in the pant legs and pinned them so they wouldn't shift around when I was sewing. I did a small, close together zig-zag stitch around the outer edge to secure the patch!

 Now those jeans look pretty cool, and may last a little longer. Personally, I don't find much appeal in jeans that are made full of holes (no offense to those who wear them that way), but this is a pretty neat trick to fix those holes while keeping them looking hip!

What do you think? Would you wear a pair of jeans like this, or use this technique to fix your favorite pair? I think I'm a little too "old" to wear jeans like this, but the younger kids seem to like them.

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