Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Stitches - Zipper Bedding

For Christmas, my youngest daughter asked for "Zip-it" bedding. She had seen numerous commercials on TV about this cool bedding that you can make your bed in a "flash" with and no "fuss" involved. Easy, peasy!!
Well, after checking  the reviews and the cost of the bedding, I decided it really wasn't worth the money. The reviews for this particular brand were not very good from what I could tell. So I decided to attempt to create my own.

Here is what I came up with:

I used a Sofia micro-fiber sheet set I purchased at Walmart, and a Sofia blanket, the soft plush kind. I know these type beddings are usually quilted, but since this was my first attempt, I kind of thought it would be easier to work with something not quite so heavy. I also figured this kind of blanket would be better in the summer too. Plus the softness is so enticing ... Ahh, I think I will just go take a nap! :-) 
I purchased a heavy duty zipper off Ebay. I had to measure ahead and buy it by the yard. Long zippers are a little pricey, but buying it by the yard was more cost effective. I cut the blanket and joined to the sheet with the zipper. I sewed the zipper all the way around, down one side and across the bottom and up the other side. This is a two way zipper so you can unzip the blanket from the sheet on both sides. But the blanket does not completely come off the sheet. The whole thing can be just thrown in the washer. 
What would I have done differently?
  • I would have liked the blanket to have been removable. For that I would have needed two separating zippers. I either would have needed to sew one down each side and leave the bottom open or sew one down one side, and the other one be longer so it would actually go across the bottom and meet the other zipper. (This is hind-sight and I may do this if I ever make another one)
  • When making this one, I just laid the sheet over the mattress and the blanket over the sheet then I pinned and marked and cut. If I did another one, I probably would not cut the sheet. Afterwards, I didn't think it was actually necessary. 
There are probably multiple ways to make bedding like this. I just basically flew by the seat of my pants. Of course I am not making these on a daily basis or anything, just thought it would be a fun gift and a bit of a challenge. Overall, I think I spent close to the same as if I had ordered one, but we got a quality made, beautiful Disney princess bedding instead of just whatever was available. She loves it. I also found the cute Sofia bird and rabbit on Ebay to go with it, and a very nice wall decor that says
Princess from Within
Disney Sofia the First LED Light Up Canvas Wall Art
The reason I chose Sofia and loved it so much, was because I was thinking that my daughter, since she has accepted Jesus as Savior is a child of the One True God, King of Kings. 
She is a Princess from Within

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