Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Stitches - Doll Clothes

This is my first post of I am hoping a series of posts this year on sewing. I have been sewing since I was about 10 or 11. I have always enjoyed it. I love being crafty, creating something new, and especially seeing the finished product.

I used to make clothes for my oldest daughter when she was little, I made her crib set, curtains for her room, and matching outfits for us as she was growing up. Later on, I began doing alterations. At first they were not my favorite thing to do, but now, it seems like they are the most of what I do. And I have come to enjoy the challenge of taking things in, letting them out, and making them look just like they did before I started. I do alot of prom dresses during prom season. It's fun and hard work!

I also do a variety of other things, such as curtains, pillows, quilts and quilt tops. I make doll clothes for my youngest, I even made her a "zip-it" bedding for Christmas this year. She had been asking for one for a while and after looking at the reviews I just couldn't justify paying $60 for one. It wasn't so much the cost as the quality. So, I decided to make one myself, and she loves it. I made it with a plush soft blanked and microfiber sheet. It is soft and cozy and now she can easily make her bed. As an added bonus, we made it out of Disney Sofia Princess blanket and sheet set.

My youngest got an 18" My Life Doll for Christmas. She also got a few doll clothes patterns. So, this week, I have been working on some outfits for her doll, the one she's named, Layla. I got a few cut out, but not as many made as I would have liked. They are a bit tedious with those tiny pieces and seams to sew. But I finally got one done! And tomorrow the doll can attend church in style.

This week my other sewing projects have consisted of

  • hemming basic sweat pants
  • tailoring a suit 
  • letting out too tight cuffs on a shirt
  • and adding some lace to holes in a pair of jeans - a classy way to patch them up
Well, That's my week of stitching...

Check out my new page and stop back as I will be randomly adding new items. 


  1. I do not have the gift of sewing. My Mother sewed and made some of my clothes when I was a little girl. I remember those precious dresses. :-)

    1. That's special. Both my mother and my grandmother's enjoyed sewing. I guess I kind of inherited their talents. My grandmother made us quite a few clothes and I distinctly remember dresses my mother made me. Thanks for sharing your sweet memory.


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