Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Ladybug Buddies Incredible Skydiving Adventure

Get ready for the LADYBUG BUDDIES as they head out on their Incredible Skydiving Adventure! No ladybug has ever flown so high or gone so far from the pop shop before, but they are trying to find out what it really means to be a buddy. That's what they think, anyway. Except it's a lot harder than they thought it would be. And it isn't long before they get into trouble they can't get out of. Not all by themselves. Or, can they?

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About the Author:
After a career in the Coast Guard, and many years working with youth programs, Jason Graham knows a lot about being a buddy. The Ladybug Buddies Adventures had their beginnings as bedtime stories which he told to his own five children.  He is also a Wilderness Expert at the Widerness School Institute, and a contributor to their popular Backpack Survival Guides. Jason is in the hiring process to work withYouth Dynamics in IdahoHe figures it is his best option to impact kids in a positive way through the outdoors. He enjoys hearing from readers, and you can get in touch with him by contacting him on his website: Graham Family Ministries

FTC requires me to disclose that I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was provided and I am not required to review it positively. 

So.. What did I think?
This is cute book for kids. I read it to my 8 yr old daughter, and my son who is 10 also enjoyed listening to it since he was in the room while I was reading. 

This is a tale of two lady bugs, who are buddies. They do everything together and in this book, they end up going on a skydiving adventure together. They start out at Buddy's Pop Shop, drinking root beer, and listening to some fellows talk about their adventures. These guys mention that buddies go skydiving together and one ladybug "buddies" decides he wants to go on the adventure too. The other "buddy" is a bit leary about that, but ends up going because "buddies never leave each other". After a pretty hairy, scary ride, some close calls, and a little misunderstanding, they finally make it back to Buddy's Pop Shop (all in one piece).

My daughter enjoyed the book. Even though it is a chapter book, five chapters and 43 pages, we were able to read it in one sitting. Personally, I would have enjoyed the "buddies" having names. Reading it out loud, I felt like I was saying "buddy" every few words.  But the kids didn't seem to mind that no one in the book had a name per say. So, I am guessing, most kids will enjoy this book!  And it seems there are more "buddy" stories to come. 

A big thanks to the author and bookfun.org who provided this book for me in exchange for my honest opinion. 


  1. Emma is reading this right now and she likes it. I make her read a little to me every so often but mostly she is reading it by herself so it's taking a couple days lol

  2. This sounds like a good book for our great-nieces and great-nephew. :-)


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