Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Recovery Journal by James Bars

A Journal is defined as: A personal record of experiences and reflections. 
A Journey is defined as: A passage from one place to another. 
This book is both. This fun and enlightening book is an uplifting, light-bearing companion that will assist in expanding and adding color to the horizons in your mind. You will laugh out loud. You will open previously barricaded gardens in your soul. You will discover the Kingdom of God that lies within you. You will dispel the darkness that has bound you in slavery. You will be Happy, Joyous and Free! Although, the Recovery Journal was produced with those recovering from addictions in mind. It is a meaningful tool that anyone can use to have fun with, gain wisdom, reach deep into the truths of God's beautiful, loving Spirit and grow more into His image and likeness.

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"An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field." -- Nikki Giovanni 
That certainly describes James Bars as he came to the end of self-sufficiency. When life became meaningless and desperation consumed him, James began a search for hope, purpose, meaning and wholeness. It is not by any virtue that James Bars has discovered how to help others. Rather his failures are the bedrock upon which God began to reach him and move him to share the hard lessons learned. You are on planet earth. You know many of the same struggles. But do you know the Way up? Do you have a system for success?

I received this a copy of this journal from and the author in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive one.

My Thoughts:
Seeing as a journal is a personal record of experiences and reflections, that is exactly what this book is for. There are 270 pages to record your journey. Mostly is a conglomeration of funny jokes, tidbits of wisdom, quotes and Scripture verses. The suggested way to use this book is to read each page, then let your mind ponder what is written and reflect on how you can apply this to your life as you grow spiritually to achieve your goal. The main focus reflection and drawing closer to God as He helps you overcome whatever may be holding you back in your life.

Each page consists of a chuckle, wisdom, and "This is me.." sections on the right hand side, a place to date and plenty of room left for journaling your own thoughts. It seemed like mostly it was geared towards addictions such as alcoholism or drugs, but I suppose it could be used to journal any type of addiction or just used as a place to gain wisdom and provoke some deep thoughts about life's journey.
Here's a glimpse of what you get:

  • Chuckle: A drunk was arrested and thrown in jail. Two days later she came to and asked the jailer on duty, "What am I here for?" The officer said, "For drinking." The drunk exclaimed, "That's great! When do we start?"
  • Wisdom: Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.   Proverbs 12:1
  • This is me... I am guided by God to make the right decisions.
The chuckles to me sometimes were a bit much, and at times funny, but at times not sensing the seriousness of the matter, but I guess some might find them a bit more humorous then others. I thought the wisdom quotes whether Scripture or otherwise we well founded, and the suggested thoughts about our own lives also gave something to ponder.

This may make a nice gift to someone who is looking for a fresh start this year. Or if you are struggling with an addiction and looking for a journal and some insight this may be for you. 

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