Wednesday, January 13, 2016

You First Journal by Lea Michele

‘You first’ is about respecting and understanding what you really want—and then going out to achieve it.
In Brunette Ambition, Lea Michele shared a lot of the secrets and stories behind her success, and how she manages to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle despite her hectic schedule. Now, in her second book, she will teach readers how they, too, can be their best selves. In Lea's opinion, keeping a journal and asking yourself the hard questions about what you want out of life is the best way to achieve your dreams, so she has outlined a series of exercises, prompts, and lists based on her own personal program. Lea's guided journal will address all the topics she wrote about in Brunette Ambition, including fitness, diet, work, school, and relationships, but with
all-new material to help readers reach their goals. Peppered between the advice and exercises will be fun personal anecdotes from Lea to motivate and inspire readers to put themselves first and live their best life.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not required to review this positively.

My Thoughts:
First off I want to say, I don't know anything about Lea Michele. To be honest, when I saw this journal, that was the first I heard of her. But I am a pushover when it comes to journals. I love them! And this one looked interesting. So although, I may have enjoyed this journal, I am not necessarily endorsing her.

I did, however, like this journal for the most part. It helps you take a good look at yourself, your life, your background, family history, goals and dreams and put them all together to make your best life. It's a form of taking control of what you can. I enjoyed going through the questions and deep thinking things in my life. 
There are four parts to this journal:
  • YOU
Each of those are divided into three separate parts also. There are tons of thought provoking questions about what you like about yourself and what you don't. How these things affect your work, relationships, goals, etc.. How you can change and become a better you. And lots of space to write in! 

The only thing this book is really missing, in my opinion, is God. Since I know that He is the center of my life and what keeps me going, I am just going through the journal with that in mind. Of course, I don't have a clue how Lea feels about God or what her relationship with Him is; but keeping Him in context with everything I read, makes this a pretty cool journal for me. I also don't think life is about putting "me first", I think it is about putting God first. But I do see the value in evaluating my life, relationships, and working on bettering myself as a whole person.

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