Monday, February 1, 2016

High School Memories - T-Shirt Quilt

This past year I had a blast making a T-Shirt Quilt from some High School Sports T-shirts and Jerseys. I made this quilt for a mother was giving her daughter and son-in-law for Christmas. We used a combination of both of their t-shirts from the sports they played and mixed them up to make this beautiful quilt incorporating their school colors. 

The quilt was two sided. With T-shirt on both sides of the quilt. The pattern on the front an back varied slightly but the colors stayed the same. The lower picture is of the front pattern and the above picture of the back. I was not able to find the full picture of the front to put in this post. But this gives you an idea. 
The quilt turned out roughly king size. And was quilted in a heart pattern. We used over 50 t-shirts and jerseys, many of them with front and back logos. The back ended up with 40-45 and the front 60+.
This is the second t-shirt quilt I have made. I will do a post on the other one in a couple of weeks.

I am linking up today with my friend Sharon over at Hobbies on the Budget for the Online Quilt Show. Take time to hop over and check out the beautiful quilts displayed.

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  1. I love this tshirt quit! I'm saving the t's from my kids so I'll be able to make them one in a few years too! Thanks for sharing! It turned out beautiful!


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