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The Body Under the Bridge by Paul McCusker

The Body Under the BridgeFirst in a series of modern whodunits from an accomplished author with a worldwide following A former Scotland Yard detective, Father Gilbert knows about death. But, now a priest of a modest Anglican church in the small town of Hailsham, he didn’t expect it to show up like this--in the suicide of a man who threw himself off the church tower, and in the discovery of a two-hundred-year-old body beneath an ancient bridge. The deaths are linked. The mummified corpse under the bridge, a murder victim, reignites a centuries-old battle between two local families--the Todds and the aristocratic Hayshams. Then both David Todd and Lord Haysham begin to act strangely. They are fearful for reasons they won't explain. When Lord Haysham is murdered, David Todd is the prime suspect. But Todd is maniacal, claiming great forces of evil are at work. An entire history of violence
and depravity begins to emerge, interweaving the history of several local families with a secret occult society that engages in Black Masses. Has the Society emerged again? - 
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About the Author:
Image result for paul mccuskerPaul McCusker received his first typewriter early in his childhood and hasn't stopped writing since. Although he received a college degree in journalism, Paul's first love was writing sketches and plays for Grace Baptist Church. In addition to Adventures In Odyssey, Paul helped to create Focus On The Family Radio Theatre, writing and directing many of its productions. Milestones include the Peabody Award-winning Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom, all seven books in CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series, the acclaimed Father Gilbert Mysteries, as well as many others. Paul McCusker has written more than forty published novels, and many radio scripts and stage plays. He is a vice president with Focus on the Family and producer of the Adventures in Odyssey series. He and his family live in Colorado Springs.

My Take:
Wow, this book was unlike anything I had expected! It was suspenseful, mysterious, intriguing and captivating, and at times plain ol' scary! In spite of the fact, that at times I wasn't sure I wanted to read any more, at the same time, I could not quit reading. And would pick up another one of this series in a heart beat. I had no knowledge of Father Gilbert previous to this series, that said, I have already listened to several of his radio theatre dramas with Father Gilbert since finishing this book.

Father Gilbert is a Scotland Yard detective turned priest of an Anglican church in England. After an encounter with more than just the day to day evil, a supernatural evil force, Gilbert left Scotland yard and pursued a closer relationship with God. He takes a church in a small town, controlled by certain families who also have an ongoing long term family feud. Over petty matters? Or maybe something much more sinister is involved.
Father Gilbert is about to be faced with evil centuries old. A body is discovered under the bridge on Lord Haysham's property. Along with the body a medallion bringing with it an age old curse, which makes things worse and worse as they get closer to the truth. Although he is a priest, Father Gilbert wastes no time using his detective skills to help solve the mystery of the death as well as the other deaths that seem to be imminent. Will they be able to discover the secrets from the past and put them to rest before the whole town is wiped out?

My son has read many of Paul's books. I was thinking he would be able to read this one once I finished, but I have decided it is a little bit mature for his age, so I wouldn't recommend it to younger children. There is alot of demonic, Satanic evil discussed in this book. There is violence and death, witchcraft and the occult practices. Of course it is written in a captivating and intriguing way that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, yet unwilling to quit reading. But at the same time, to me it was a bit creepy. Maybe because I know these things are not far fetched, but a reality of the spiritual world. Father Gilbert has visions and possibly even out of body experiences. Sometimes he has a hard time deciphering reality. Yet he is always right on, and many times knows in advance what is going to happen. A gift from God?

This is a story of the forces of good verses evil. How greed, selfishness, and getting involved with the wrong "stuff" can get you in big trouble. But it is also a book about the power of God over the devil. Fear that is overcome with help from the Lord. I simply recommend that it be read with caution by an age appropriate audience. It can get a bit gory at times.

I was provided this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive review.

If you are interested in the Father Gilbert Mysteries by Radio Theatre you can listen HERE. That would be a good cue as to whether you would enjoy this book. 

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