Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blotch by Andy Addis

A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace
Blotch is a boy who lives in a kingdom where everyone has blotches on their skin. Each time a person is mean or does something wrong, another spot appears. Hoping to find someone who knows how to get rid of the spots, Blotch strikes out on a journey. At the first village he meets the Hiders, who merely cover their spots. Next, the Pretenders simply deny they even have spots. A third village is full of the Blamers, who constantly fight and blame each other for their rapidly multiplying stains. Fearful and frustrated, Blotch finally meets a kind stranger who has the solution for removing the spots permanently. But an elated Blotch is shocked to find out that the humble stranger is actually the King, and the solution requires that the King take the spots on Himself—a sacrifice that will change Blotch
and his family forever. Much like Jesus’ use of parables to help His listeners understand and remember spiritual lessons, Blotch is a parable that helps kids grasp the concepts of sin, salvation, and redemption in a way that is memorable and engaging. Each chapter includes a parent/child discussion guide that would also work well in small groups or classrooms. A simple story with an accessible message, Blotch is an excellent vehicle to teach kids about the Gospel.

Available through B&H Publishing

About the Author:
SONY DSCAndy is the pastor of a thriving Multi-site congregation based out of Hutchinson, Kansas (CrossPoint Church). His professional background has provided him several career opportunities that aid him as a communicator:  
  • College Instructor
  • Radio On-Air Personality
  • Newspaper Journalist
  • Church Staff Member
  • Independent Speaker and Trainer
Andy is a Christian, husband, father, friend, pastor, speaker, writer and techno-enthusiast.
He has a beautiful wife named Kathy and together have two incredible teenage boys.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed this children's book. It's a hardback chapter book about a young boy named Blotch. He lives in a small village in the kingdom. The book begins with Blotch sitting by the water pondering as he does every day. How can he get rid of his spots. You see he is covered with marks and blemishes that multiply daily based on his actions. Each wrong thing adds a stain. He really wants to get rid of his spots but doesn't know how.

After receiving permission from his father to go on a journey in search of an answer he starts out for the next village. Sadly, in the villages, he finds only concealers, pretenders, and pointers. But no one to help. Tired and discouraged he begins to cry. In that place he is found by a man who has all the answers.

It is difficult to brag on this book without revealing too much. Obviously, if you're a Christian, you will figure out who this man is. This story is a wonderful way to introduce children to the Savior. It also helps them understand sin, that we are all sinners in need of a Savior. Each chapter, five in all, is a part of his journey - from recognizing sin and meeting other sinners to finding a Savior, then sharing with others. The back of the book contains discussion questions for each chapter. This is a great help for parents looking to introduce their child to Christ, or teachers looking for another way to share the plan of salvation with their class.

I was blessed with this book by B&H Publishing and Lifeway in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to give a positive review.

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