Monday, March 7, 2016

My Intentional Mondays

Are you doing anything special for this season of Lent?
Growing up it was not really traditional for us to participate in Lent. As I have gotten older, though, I think it is a wonderful way to really focus on what Jesus has done for us in the days leading up to Easter. The past few years, I have mostly done something on my own, a fast from a particular food or meal. This year, however, I found a book (not surprised are you?) that would include the kids in the Lent season.

We began reading Amon's Adventures about a week or two ago. I can't really remember how I came across it, but I was so excited to have a book similar to what we did at Christmas Advent for Easter. The kids were so "into" the Advent book, I had a feeling they would really like this one too. It has daily readings about a boy growing up in Jerusalem during the time leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. We are really enjoying it!! At the end of each day the story closes with a cliff hanger so you won't want to miss tomorrow's! (The kids always beg me to "read one more day") There is a short paragraph for meditation along with a Bible verse, when the daily reading ends. Food for thought and soul searching.

Last Monday, I mentioned we were going to see Magda Herzberger speak at a local college near us. She is an amazing woman and full of spunk at age 90. It was an intense, heartbreaking, emotional and very educational speech. She is an incredible speaker as well as a poet, musician along with many other talents. She was hauled to Auschwitz from her hometown of Romania when she was 18 in a cattle car along with hundreds of other Jews. She survived three death camps, Auschwitz, Bremen, and Bergen-Belsen. Magda was saved only by the grace of God, nothing short of a miracle, so she can share her story - she claims and remind us never to forget what happened.Many of her family members died in the Holocaust including her Father and favorite Uncle. Her mother however survived and lived a long life. Her books include Survival (from which she read several excerpts - which of course now makes me want to read it), Tales of the Magic Forest, Waltz of Shadows, as well as, others.

I am a little behind on the reviews I was planning on posting last week, so will likely be posting a couple of them this week instead.

Here's a look at what I am reading currently:
This book arrived Saturday and I am already on chapter 3. It is very intriguing, although a bit painful and sad to read about the effects of  sexual abuse on our society. And yet, it is also a reality we cannot escape as the the sexual tension and pressure in our culture is at an all time high.
My youngest daughter and I are reading this one together. We just received it also, and are only a few chapters in.
My son just finished this book and hopefully will be starting the next one in the series this week.
I was really hoping to pre-read this book before him, but haven't yet had the chance. So we'll see...

I am currently finishing up Deadlock, as well as, Charity's Cross.

I would love to hear from you.
Any special Lent traditions you are following? 
What books are you reading?
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