Monday, March 28, 2016

My Intentional Mondays

Likely my favorite time of year. (although I like summer and fall too) When the world is coming alive after the dead of winter, just as the Savior came alive after his death! I am sooo thankful He did. Thankful that He loves me, thankful for His gifts.

The kids and I dyed eggs a little differently this year. We used flowers and leaves to imprint them and then dyed them in tea bags and dandelions. It was interesting and they turned out really pretty. My son thought they would camouflage really well for an Easter egg hunt, but we didn't have one. The weather was not really that nice.

We finished reading our Easter story of Amon in Amon's Adventures. It was really good, and the kids were a bit disappointed today that it was over.  I will blog a review on it this week, and tell you a little more about it.

I have several books started I need to finish. I didn't read much over the weekend, so I kind of have some catching up to do.

I will however be blogging my review on the movie Wildflower on Thursday.

How was your Easter? Are you enjoying spring? 
I am eager to put some things in my garden. A neighbor came and plowed it this week, but he said he needed to come again because the ground was too wet, so not to plant anything yet. But I am itching to get my hands in the soil.

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