Friday, June 10, 2016

An Update

Hi there!
My blog has been a little "dead" for the last week or so, but I am not. Actually, I am having the most amazing experience. Maybe you are wondering what I have been doing...

My missionary parents are home on a short furlough, which began with my daughter's wedding.  During this time, my children and I have been blessed with the coolest opportunity - A chance to travel for a couple weeks up and down the eastern side of the US. So far, we have traveled through Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. The kids have seen Lake Erie and Niagra Falls. We still have quite a few places to hit on the way back south.

We have also been in four different churches so far. It is really nice to get to listen to my dad preach and be a part of him ministry for a few short weeks.
My reading is not coming along very well though, inspite of the fact that I did bring quite a few books along with me, It has been a bit difficult to read on the road. We are usually talking,  listening to an audio book or the kids are watching a movie. So reading, these weeks, has been a challenge. I guess I will be catching up when I get back home. I'm sure it will be hot and the kids will be hanging out at the pool, then there will be time to read.  In the mean time, bear with me as I enjoy some much needed time with my family.  These opportunities don't come around too often. We usually only see my parents once a year or every two years.

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