Monday, June 20, 2016

My Intentional Monday

Well, after being on the road for two and a half weeks, and driving through eight states, I am certainly glad to be back home and developing a routine again. I haven't been home long so am not really quite back in the groove yet, but am working on getting there. And looking forward to getting caught up on my books and reading.

Our trip was very enjoyable with visits to the Corning Glass Museum, Hershey Chocolate factory, Washington D.C., and the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge. It was a great experience for the kids, and a wonderful time of bonding with cousins and grandparents-a rare treat!

I didn't get much reading done, but we did listen to several audio books while we were riding in the car. Hence the difficulty finishing a book. How can you read one, when you are listening to one?

One special thing we did just about every day was something my dad called Daily Reflections. The first day of the trip the kids got a notebook and pen to write down things they did that day, things they liked or disliked, etc... At the end of each day (with the exception of just a few) we sat around and meditated on God's blessings, answers to prayer, verses that applied to whatever we encountered that day good and bad. It was a wonderful experience and something my children will remember for a long time. They will also have a journal of all the days happenings and places they went.

Hopefully, now that I am home, I can get back on the ball with my books and reviews. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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