Monday, June 27, 2016

My Intentional Monday

Lake Erie
Well, we are fully into summer, as well as, knee deep in a "remodeling" project. Since my daughter married in April, the goal was to convert her room to my son's room. It has been a work in progress ever since. While we were on vacation, dear hubby was able to pull up the old carpet and lay some flooring someone had given us. So now, we are painting walls, ceiling, etc...
I actually enjoy doing those things, thanks to my grandmothers genes. The most difficult part is finding time to do everything else and that too! But, I am just taking it one day at a time, and relying on God for wisdom and strength to get it done.

 I was thinking of sharing some of the experiences we had on our trip with you. I pondered a bit what my favorite part of the trip was. As far as a location, I can't say I have a favorite. All the places we went were unique in and of themselves and different from each other. So they were all special.

Lake Erie
Lake Erie was one of my kids favorites. Mostly because  its the closest thing they have ever experienced to being at the ocean or the beach. Yeah, I know its a lake, but it has waves and albeit not much sand (more rocks) it was still similar. It was such a joy to see them jumping the waves and just itching to get in the water and swim - which we did not because we stopped off there after church and they were all still in their church clothes. The weather was also not extremely warm for swimming and the park was going to close at dark. But we got to watch the sunset over the lake, experience the wind in our hair, and make some great pictures, as well as, a few funny videos. My dad had a meeting at the Lake Erie Baptist Church. It was a very nice place, with friendly people and beautiful grounds including a pond and geese. If you are ever that way, you may want to stop in there.
The best thing (for me) was literally getting to spend time with my parents, whom I rarely really get to see. And having my kids be able to enjoy some time with them also. I remember growing up I did not often get to spend time with my grandparents (once every four years was all). And now, my kids are missing out on that time with their grandparents, too. Thankfully, they have managed to be able to visit more frequently than once every four years, although at times there is a year or two in between visits. One thing that is quite different now then it was when I was a kid, is the blessing of technology. We can call, write, Skype, etc... and communicate in the blink of an eye, with the touch of a button. When I was growing up, phone calls were a rare occasional happening (and very pricey), and there was no such thing as email, Skype, etc. It was good 'ole snail mail. And a letter usually took an average of two weeks minimum.

So... what I am reading these days?
I am really enjoying this novel about a struggling marriage, addiction, and being real and transparent. Can't wait to see where the author takes this story.
I am also reading this book by Frank Barbehenn. It is about his life's journey to faith and the legacy he desires to leave his children and grandchildren. So far, I am only a few chapters in, it has been quite interesting. One of the things he said that has really stood out to me concerns the impact of a father's words on his children. Wow! This is a pretty long book, so I am not sure I will finish it this week. 
This is a book that could be very helpful in today's day and age, when Satan is using sex as a marketing tool, and almost every area of our lives is impacted by this little three letter word. Jennifer addresses some key issues and lies that girls are led to believe as she attempts to bring out truths from the Word of God to combat those lies.

I hope you will come back this week to check out my reviews, and feel free to leave me a comment anytime. I really enjoy hearing from my readers. Have an awesome week! Count your blessings!

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