Monday, July 4, 2016

My Intentional Monday

I hope you had a wonderful
Mine was spent with family. We didn't do anything big, just enjoyed the day together, then spent some time in the evening watching the firework display close to our home. It was one of those relaxing, enjoyable days.
I even got to spend a little time with my married daughter, and even though she isn't too far away, those moments become more and more precious.
As I was contemplating how thankful I am for the freedom we have in our country, I thought it would be cool to post some pictures from our trip.
One place we had the privilege of going to was Washington, D.C.
I had wanted to go to Philadelphia but time did not allow. I't just a history buff, so anything to do with history is right down my alley. I was excited for my kids to see D.C. though. 
I was thinking about the price that was paid for our freedom throughout the years and all the sacrifices that have been made. How grateful we should be. And we should not take this freedom lightly. 
Especially our freedom to worship God. Without the Sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross, we would be destined to spend eternity in hell. Our founding fathers believed this. They believed the Bible and all it stands for. And I felt privileged to get to see all the monuments honoring them.

Now... on to my week:
What am I doing, and what am I reading. 
Well our church's VBS is next week, so I am busy preparing for it. With all that I have had going on in my life the past few months, I just do not feel as creative this year, but I am still excited about it and doing my best to get ready.
I have been picking blackberries and raspberries that grow wild around our place for jam making. And over the weekend I got to spend some quality time with a dear friend who has moved away. Thankfully she made it home for the fourth. I have also made several dozen fried pies this weekend, so it has been a busy one.

I am still working on my book stack. Here's what I am reading or getting ready to read:
Finishing up this one - it's good, but the marriage relationship is emotionally intense, and sometimes I find that hard to read. 
This one is interesting but a slow read for me. It includes quite a bit of detail, but I am finding it intriguing.
Getting ready to review this one this week! Its a three story novella, and the suspense can get pretty intense.
I will be starting this one on Wednesday. I have had it for a while, just not had a chance to read it yet.
Also keep your eye out for a giveaway coming up this week!! 

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