Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Tigers Cage by Linda White

If a book can get you all riled up, this one certainly is the one! Linda White will have you ready to stomp those bad guys one minute, getting all emotional the next, and praying for the person in your book before you realize these are just fictional characters.

Tom, an FBI agent, has hit his biggest break ever - buusting one of Angel Ramos' main men. It won't be long before Angel Ramos goes down. Or at least that's what Tom thinks. But little does he realize the danger his family is in, not only physically, but emotionally too. Ramos is not a man easily taken, and he is not going down without a fight!

Tom's wife Cathy is tired of the FBI life, crime, endless work hours, an unemotional detached husband who seems to barely notice she is exists. Once their son gets kidnapped, that is the last straw for her. Even though he's been released, she is ready to leave Tom for good!

With all this on his plate, Tom is feeling pretty low. Not to mention unless he finds Kenny's kidnappers soon, his son, a senior in high school, top on the wrestling team will struggle getting through his senior year. Especially since the feds now want Tom's family to leave town for their safety.

Linda keeps you on the edge throughout the whole book. Kenny's faith, Cathy's emotional state, Tom's machismo all make this book come alive. Honestly at times, I felt like I knew the family, should be doing something to help the case, and wanted to scream, cry, or just pound someone all at the same time. Neither Tom nor Cathy are believers, but Kenny has a deep faith in God and he is not afraid to share it. His faith keeps him strong in the tiger's cage. It was a beautiful thing to see him shining God's light in the worst of circumstances. I loved that part of the book. There is some serious violence with the gangs, shootings, and some torture, so it is not for the faint hearted, but it is worth the read.

I was blessed with a copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to review the book positively. All opinion are my own.

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FBI Special Agent Tom Donovan's life spins out of control when Angel Ramos, the drug lord Tom has been investigating, kidnaps Tom's eighteen-year-old son. While Kenny fights to survive, Tom doggedly tries to get him back. One rainy night, Tom's past collides with his present. At the moment of his deepest despair, he discovers his greatest strength isn't his at all.

Linda J. WhiteAbout the Author:
Linda J. White writes "white-knuckle fiction," FBI thrillers with a twist of faith. Her goal in life is to keep readers up all night turning pages. Born in Washington, D.C., her great aunt dated J. Edgar Hoover. A national-award winning journalist, Linda lives in rural Virginia now, near the FBI Academy where her husband worked for 27 years. They have three grown kids, two grandkids, two cats, and a Sheltie who tries to keep everyone moving in the same direction. When she's not writing, Linda loves being with her family, at the beach, or doing something (anything)
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