Thursday, August 25, 2016

I Give You Authority by Charles Kraft

This is one of those books you really need to read slowly and digest. It was recommended to me by a friend concerned with some issues I was going through at the time.

Charles Kraft has a lot to say about the authority given to us as children of God here on earth. Not just how to use that authority wisely, but also the misuse, abuse of power, and lack of use. It is important to recognize the authority God has given us on earth to carry out his will. In using it correctly,  to glorify God not man, we can help people become free from Satan's power.

I read this book with a grain of salt and a little skepticism. My religious background is not charismatic in nature so I wasn't sure how this book would resound with me. Although I learned alot from this book, there are
some things in the book I am still not certain I see eye to eye with, but there is definitely much information to chew on. Sometimes it is important not to be completely closed minded, but instead use God's Word as our sounding board and final authority. In this case, that is what I would recommend.

I received this book courtesy of Baker Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.

Available through Christian Books Distributors and Baker Publishing

After His resurrection, Jesus did the most amazing thing: He passed His own authority on to His followers. To you.
Right now you possess the same authority as Jesus. Authority to drive demons from people, to heal the sick, to claim protection from harm and harassment.
You carry an amazing amount of Holy Spirit power.
With incredible insight, respected scholar and teacher Dr. Charles Kraft helps awaken you to the extraordinary authority you have been given through the Holy Spirit--the same Spirit who empowered Jesus.
Do you know how to wield it?
He will show you how to properly, wisely exercise and release this authority into and over all areas of life--both your own and others'.
You can transform and free lives from the oppressing power of Satan.
We are at war, but we have the authority and power of Jesus to wage it. Fight with confidence and assurance, knowing that whatever the powers of darkness can muster, you can defeat them.
You have the authority of heaven itself. How will you use it?
About the Author:
Charles H. (Chuck) Kraft ( is retired from the faculty of the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary (formerly the School of World Mission) after 40 years as professor of anthropology and intercultural communication. He taught anthropology, communication, contextualization, and spiritual dynamics (inner healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare) to missionaries and prospective missionaries. 

He holds degrees from Wheaton College (BA anthropology), Ashland Theological Seminary (BD theology), and Hartford Seminary Foundation (PhD anthropological linguistics). He served as a pioneer missionary among a tribal group (Kamwe/Higi) in northeastern Nigeria for three years followed by five years each on the faculties of Michigan State University and UCLA, teaching linguistics and African languages. 

Kraft is the author of more than 30 books and numerous articles in the fields of his expertise. He is also an internationally renowned speaker and president of Deep Healing Ministries, which focuses on deep-level healing, deliverance and spiritual warfare. He has been used by God to lead thousands to spiritual and emotional freedom in Jesus Christ.

Those who would like ministry or a seminar may contact him at

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