Saturday, September 3, 2016

Awaken by Terry Nance

This book is written as a series of letters to the younger generation, although personally, I feel many generations would glean from reading the content of this book. 
Terry uses his personal stories and experiences to encourage this generation to step up to the plate and become all God wants them to be. Each chapter(letter) is thematic and Terry addresses such subjects as Prayer, Sacrifice, Service, Submission, Authority (the use and misuse of it), and so much more. Terry calls this generation to step out and become armor bearers, to follow their dreams, but also to support their leaders; to be a generation of action, not just talk. He stresses the importance of a healthy prayer life, humility, knowledge of the Word, recognizing God's voice and waiting on His perfect timing. 

I enjoyed reading this book. I read a chapter a day along with my morning devotions. I felt convicted, encouraged, and inspired. I am not sure of the author's religious affiliation, but most of what I read in this book, stood true to Scripture and was in harmony with my personal beliefs. I feel this book is an asset to any church library, and a great read for teens, young adults and those of us who have been around for a while. It reminded me of Paul's mentor-ship of young Timothy.

I was blessed with a copy of this book courtesy of TBCN and Whitaker House in exchange for my honest opinion. No other form of compensation was provided. 

This book is available on Amazon as well as other online retailers

Book Synopsis:
We live in a time when the church is failing to live up to its own standards. It is losing the respect of those it tries to win to Christ because it has succumbed to sin, pride, and corruption. In the past, a lost world looked to the church as the example of hope and integrity; today, many people laugh or roll their eyes when the church is mentioned. It has largely lost its relevance in the world. 

In Awaken, best-selling author Terry Nance has composed a series of letters to younger and newer believers, aiming to help them avoid many of the sins and mistakes of their spiritual fathers as they hold high the standard of the kingdom of God with which they have been entrusted. 

We the church must realize that we are called to be kingdom leaders for Jesus Christ, not empire builders for ourselves. We must awaken to the understanding that we carry Jesus to this world, and His Spirit within us must be reflected in everything we do.

About the Author:
With more than forty years' experience in local church ministry, Terry Nance is the founder and president of Focus on the Harvest, Inc. He's traveled extensively for the past several years, awakening believers by helping them to discover their individual gifts and callings and to commit to the vision of their local church. 
Terry has authored three previous books, God's Armorbearer, volumes 1, 2, and 3. These best–selling books have motivated thousands of Christians to stand with their leaders in faithful service, helping them to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. In 2008, Terry and his wife, Kim, began Impact Church, a dynamic and growing multicultural body of believers in Sherwood, Arkansas. Terry and Kim have been married for over thirty years and live in Sherwood with their three children, McCall, Alex, and McKenna.

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