Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hebrew Word Study - Revealing the Heart of God

As an instructor in both ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, Chaim Bentorah is convinced that there are powerful truths buried in the original language of God's Word that most Christians have never been exposed to. The Word of God is like the heart of God: it is a well that never runs dry
In this book, you will discover things about God and your relationship with Him that you may never have considered. By delving into the multiple layers and nuances of the ancient Hebrew language, you will discover that God is revealing His heart to you through the depths of His Word in new and exciting ways. 
Hebrew is a language of poetry and pictures. With Bentorah's expertise, you will see how to examine not just word definitions, but also the origin of the words, their place in the culture and idioms of the day, and even their emotional context. Through this devotional, you will walk the road less
traveled as you uncover the deeper spiritual messages in God's Word. In the process, you will discover the heart of God toward you and come to know Him better. You will see just how beautiful the Word of God is and, most of all, you will see the beauty of God Himself and love Him all the more.

My Thoughts:
When I got this book, I wasn't quite sure exactly what to expect, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. I assumed it to be a type of concordance with the Hebrew word, what it meant, where to find it, and how it was used in the context. 
Instead, I received a devotional in which the Hebrew word is expounded upon and used to encourage heart.
There are 90 devotionals that could easily be used daily. Each one is based on a Hebrew word - translated as we would use it in English with Scriptures accompanying it and defas it would have been used in Hebrew. it contains a Hebrew/English index and vise versa at the very end. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the insight on how the Hebrew letters are written and what they symbolized, as well as, how those letters played into the "meaning" of the word. For me, this book is a keeper and going on my shelf for future reference and study. I believe you will also find it an asset to your library or your church's library.

I received this book from bookfun.org and Whitaker House in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required to review this positively. 

This book is available on Amazon and other online retailers
Chaim Bentorah has a B.A. in Jewish Studies from Moody Bible Institute, an M.A. in Old Testament and Hebrew from Denver Seminary, and a PhD in Biblical Archaeology. He studied advanced Hebrew under Dr. Earl S. Kalland, who was on the executive committee for the translation work of the New International Version of the Bible. Bentorah taught classical Hebrew and Old Testament for thirteen years at World Harvest Bible College, a division of LeSea, Inc. He presently teaches Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek to lay Christian leaders and pastors in the Metro Chicago area and writes daily word studies on his blog at www.chaimbentorah.com. He speaks to church and parachurch groups about the nature and means of studying the Old Testament in the original Hebrew. He is convinced that any Christian—regardless of age, educational background, or ability—can study the Word of God in the original languages using the resources that are available today online and through electronic media, and he conducts classes in how to use these resources to their full advantage.

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