Monday, September 5, 2016

My Intentional Mondays

Happy Labor Day!!
Are you taking a break from your labor today?
Or are you doing some extra labor that you've been putting off for a while?
I am hoping to get some serious work done around my home and yard today, with school being out and having a "free" day.  But... I am not sure how much I will actually get accomplished, since my grandson wants to go fishing and my daughter has a friend over. But time with the kids is of more value... so the rest may once again go on the back burner for another day.

This week was my youngest daughter's birthday.  I made her daughter a doll carrier back-pack. I think it turned out sooo cute! I really love the colors she chose. The fabric has golden bit of sparkle to it and really looks nice. We have been meaning to make this for a while, as another little girl at church has one, and I am so thankful to finally have it finished!

I finished up Starving Hearts, which I will be blogging about a little later this week. This book is currently only $1.99 on Kindle, and is definitely worth the read. 
I am currently reading The Witnesses by Robert Whitlow. Having never read a book by this author before and just starting this one, so far, I cannot offer an opinion.

I am also re-reading The Reluctant Duchess by Roseanna White, which was released earlier this year.  I was eager to get re-acquainted with the story line as another book in the series is soon to be released.

Also coming up this week a review of the soon to be in theaters movie -
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Here's a sneak peak at a giveaway coming soon...
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