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Deep Wounds Deep Healing by Charles Kraft

A poor self-image. Chronic depression. A bitter divorce. The trauma of sexual abuse. Why do some wounds fester and refuse to heal, even after we seek help from those who specialize in treating deep emotional pain? Kraft believes that in order to experience real and lasting freedom from a painful past, we must understand the powerful link between spiritual warfare and inner healing. It is only when we recognize and reject the enemy's influence on our most hurtful memories that we can receive complete restoration in mind, heart, and spirit. Deep Wounds, Deep Healing is a complete guide to deep-level healing. Whether readers are seeking restoration for themselves or for those under their care, this book will enable them to recognize the spiritual roots of emotional wounds and invite God's presence into those darkest of places. His power is the hope of freedom and inner healing.

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My Thoughts:
"Inner healing is the healing of the inner person: the mind, the emotions, the painful memories, the dreams. It is the process through prayer whereby we are set free from resentment rejection, self pity, depression, fear, guilt, sorrow, hatred, inferiority, condemnation, worthlessness, etc..."  
- This says Betty Tapscott, and Author Charles Kraft adds that it "encompasses the healing of the Spirit as well." 

Since many wounds affect the whole person - spirit, emotions, and body; deep level healing focuses on helping people experience Jesus' presence i their ministries and turn their hurts over to Him. A key idea that applies here is believing God is sovereign over all the affairs of man and nothing happens to us He is not aware of. We must also believe he works all things for our good even those painful aspects of our lives. One of the things I really like about this book is that it addresses something I firmly believe - that our body functions as a whole and when one part is hurting, the rest hurts too. Hence many (although likely not all) physical ailments stem from the spiritual and emotional condition.

In this book you will learn about the science of deep healing using a combination of spiritual and psychological ministry.  It may be difficult to return to the hurts that affect you, but with God's help and the author's direction, there is hope for healing and joy. Charles uses his experience to take the person back through their memories and tragic life events and make new memories with Jesus. He believes there are many things that can cause emotional damage, even events prior to birth when a baby is still in the womb. All those things can contribute to the current issues in each person's life. 

I found this book to be interesting and insightful. I can't say I  personally agree with everything, but I would recommend reading the book with a grain of salt, much prayer, and seeking God's guidance as you read. It is clear that most people if not all, have some type of emotional pain to deal with. Although, there are certainly those whose pain is on a deeper level. We all need healing and it is worth the effort to get it. 

This book was provided me free from the publisher. A positive review was not required. 

About the Author:
Charles H. (Chuck) Kraft is retired from the faculty of the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary (formerly the School of World Mission) after 40 years as professor of anthropology and intercultural communication. He taught anthropology, communication, contextualization, and spiritual dynamics (inner healing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare) to missionaries and prospective missionaries. 

He holds degrees from Wheaton College (BA anthropology), Ashland Theological Seminary (BD theology), and Hartford Seminary Foundation (PhD anthropological linguistics). He served as a pioneer missionary among a tribal group (Kamwe/Higi) in northeastern Nigeria for three years followed by five years each on the faculties of Michigan State University and UCLA, teaching linguistics and African languages. 

He is the author of more than 30 books and numerous articles in the fields of his expertise. He spends most of his time now ministering to those with emotional and spiritual problems and conducting deep healing (inner healing) seminars in churches worldwide. He has been used by God to lead thousands to spiritual and emotional freedom in Jesus Christ.

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