Monday, October 17, 2016

My Intentional Mondays

Last week I didn't write my Monday post because my daughter and I made a trip out of town. Her grandmother (on her dad's side) passed away and it was a pretty good drive, so I didn't want her to make it alone. On the up side, I enjoyed a few days with my sister. Went thrift store shopping and got some cool bargains, and got to spend some time with my married daughter, whom I miss of course now that she is out on her own.

The kids also enjoyed their fall break from school, which worked out well, since they were missing school anyhow for a few days. Looking forward to getting back on routine this week. I also have a ton of sewing I am working on, so I really need to get to it.

The kids participated in a 4-H pet show this weekend, and my daughter won the prize for best trick! She was excited. I love all the opportunities my kids are having in 4-H this year. This will be the first year we have actively participated.

I thought with the traveling I would get a lot of reading done, but that did not happen. I was either driving, (and of course reading while driving probably not a good idea), or shopping, or spending time with my sister, or so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open.

But since I have gotten back, I have been doing some catching up. I am finishing up the third book in Suzanne Fisher's series - The Bishops Family. I really enjoyed this whole series.

I also have a couple of Advent books I am reading over as the season draws near. I am excited about one I got that uses messages from A.W. Tozer and also one I thought the kids might enjoy based on the Narnia series. My son just finished reading those not too long ago.

These reviews will be up soon!

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How are you looking forward to celebrating the holidays that are quickly coming?
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