Monday, November 7, 2016

My Intentional Mondays - (a little late)

Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Psalm 37:4

I started writing this post last Monday (on Halloween) but it never got posted because I spent all day sewing sequins on my daughters costume. She wanted to be one of the "American Sweethearts" from the Cowgirls and Angels movie. This is as close as were able to come, but thankfully she loved it. And as a mom, that made me happy.

This from last week:
I want to share an amazing answer to prayer with you, because I am so overwhelmed this morning by God's goodness, even though its something minor and we don't deserve it.
Several weeks ago, 18 days to be exact, my son settled on his Halloween costume. Now, normally we don't buy costumes, we kind of make our own,
but this year he really wasn't into mom making it. A friend had purchased one, and he wanted one like it. We just had a slight problem, the only place to get one at an affordable price was from China. I wasn't too excited about ordering from China. We have tried that once in the past and it did not go very well, mostly due to the length of time for said order to arrive. But with the understanding that "we are only purchasing one costume this year, and if it doesn't arrive you have to wear the same one you wore last year", we took the plunge. The shipping was advertised at a length of 12 to 20 days.
By the middle of last week we had still not been able to track the package except for the knowledge that it had apparently shipped. His friend's had finally arrived last Friday taking a little over 3 weeks, so it was looking pretty slim. He was still holding out hope, but I was sending "be prepared to wear the old costume" signals while praying, "Lord, please do a miracle", I prayed often enough.
Finally, on Thursday, I saw it had arrived in Connecticut, but Connecticut is still a long way from where we live. And Thursday is not that far from today - Monday - Halloween. I was hopeful... but not confident at all. Then yesterday I received an update that it had arrived in our state, but still wasn't local. How disappointing it would be for the costume to arrive the day after Halloween. So, I really started bumping up my prayers, asking God for that miracle! And this morning, my heart is overflowing with a testimony to His goodness and care for us. He cares about this little boy's heart and desires. He cares about this mama's heart. I know God is the one who did this! I just received a text that his package will be out for delivery today! Not a day late! Our God is amazing!!

And my son wore his costume that night! But trust me, God really put me to the test, because our mail usually runs around lunch time. So I began sending him out every hour and .... nothing... I was getting a little nervous when by 3 it still had not arrived. I finally called the post office, just in case maybe I needed to go pick it up, but apparently due to the trick or treaters in the evening the mail lady had changed up her route that day and we were at the end of the run. Praise God it made it, even if I did sweat a little, but the funny thing is, although I had not told him it was coming (because my faith is small and I did not want him to be disappointed) he was confident that it was going to be here! I am proud of his faith!! 
I know this may seem trivial to you, but if God cares about something so minor, he surely cares about the big stuff too. It is so easy to get caught up in Satan's lies about God's love for us when everything doesn't go our way, but that's just what they are, lies! God always knows what is best for us, what will draw us to himself, which prayers to give a yes, no or wait answer to. His timing is never off. We are the ones who so many times are guilty of failing to trust Him. I know I am. 

Moving on to other stuff...
I am currently reading a book about Don Sisk. One of the reasons I am so excited about this book is because he was the BIMI director when I was growing up and my parents were serving as missionaries. I am thrilled to be able to read about his life, because he is someone who has impacted the world and I can say I have personally met him. 

I am also reading several other books which I will be posting reviews on soon! Don't forget to enter the giveaways this week. Winners will be announced next Monday. Click on the books below or enter via links on the side bar.

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