Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Where Only God Could Lead - The life Story of Don Sisk

I grew up on the mission field, during a time when Brother Don Sisk was the director of my parents mission board, and although I can't say I was closely acquainted with him, I can say his life directly impacted my family's life and the lives of others I knew. He was admired and respected in our home. When I saw this book, I was so excited at the opportunity to read more about this highly esteemed man of God.

I can assure you, his story did not disappoint. In fact, it is a testament to God's faithfulness and an encouragement to persevere and remain faithful to our Lord and Savior. Don did not necessarily grow up in a Christian home, with godly parents, and didn't go to church much during his childhood. He came to know Christ in his late teen years, but once he got that settled he was all in! After marrying Virginia, God continued to work
and lead in their lives directing them to school, active involvement in church, and eventually a pastorate and mission work. As they grew in their marriage and in the Lord, they served Him wholeheartedly, surrendering their lives to whatever God had planned. They remained constant during trials and testing and not only reaped rewards on earth, but I am sure God has many rewards to award them in heaven.

This book is evidence to the fact that no matter what background, raising, or status in life, God is not restricted with how he uses a person who is completely sold out to him. There were many things in this book that impressed me, but probably the top one, was Don's heart for the lost. He prayed diligently for his father's salvation, which he was privileged to witness. Don's concern and compassion for lost souls kept him focused during his lifetime and on track in serving the Lord. This book will inspire those who read it, encourage them to continue in faithful service to the Lord. This man is a true hero of the faith!

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Book Synopsis:
The life story of Dr. Don Sisk reads something like a novel with surprises at every turn. In truth, it is simply the story of walking by faith. It is a record of the faithfulness of God in a surrendered life.
Even in hindsight, it's difficult to wrap your mind around the magnitude of what God has allowed Don Sisk to accomplish in six decades of ministry. From a tiny, rural town to a worldwide ministry with eternal impact, the Lord has led Don and Virginia Sisk step by step on paths of faith.
These pages speak to the divine work of God in a life and through a life. They speak to the providence of God to lead a man from the mountains of Kentucky, to the orient, to travel the globe, and to the backside of the desert and to bless him and make him a blessing every step of the way. They speak to the ways of God in blessing a husband and a wife who are faithful to each other through over sixty years of marriage, faithful to their family, and faithful to their God.
About the Author:

Cary Schmidt is the senior pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Newington, Connecticut. He and his wife, Dana, have been married twenty-five years and have three children Lance (married to Hillarie), Larry, and Haylee and two twin grandchildren Chad and Charleigh. Cary is a gifted communicator who is passionate to share God's truth.

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