Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The New BIBLEMAN FLip Books

Bibleman is at it again!
In this cool flip book, you actually get two-for-one. How awesome is that.
One of the stories, Dr. Fear's Almost Perfect Disastrous Day,  is about Dr. Fear, who is busy spreading the seed of fear all over summer camp. Kids are becoming afraid of all sorts of things, and so is the camp staff. Bibleman, while out for a boat ride, senses the enemy and stops by the camp. He helps them overcome their fear by using Gods Word.
I did find it a little interesting, that right after helping the camp crew conquer fear, Bibleman and his crew just about succumb to it themselves, when Dr. Fear plants a seed on their boat. I guess every super hero has his moments of weakness.

The second story, Clobbering the Crusher,  focuses on bad attitudes and fighting which take over at a local school, when the Crusher sends out a wave of violence. Kids are bullying, arguing and clobbering each other. Bibleman is almost crushed when he comes to the rescue, but once again, the Word of God does the trick and sends the Crusher flying into space with just one verse.

My kids are a little older now but when they were younger they loved Bibleman, especially my son. They both read this book though, and thought it was pretty good. My son, who is currently into Iron Man as a hero, thought Bibleman needed a bit more ACTION! But I explained that Bibleman wins his battles with God's Word and the use of the Sword of the Spirit. God's Word is so powerful it doesn't take much! Just one verse, used at the right time can defeat the enemy!

These books teach about Peace and Gentleness and the importance of hiding God's Word in our hearts to overcome our real enemy Satan. It reinforces the fact that most of our troubles begin when the enemy plants seeds of fear, doubt, anger in our minds, and that is where the real battle takes place. Using the right tool (verse) can be a powerful weapon in overcoming the enemy and getting back on the right path. The beginning of each book contains the focus Scripture of the story, along with an additional verse to read and something to think about. Great for parents to use with their kids. I would say these book are roughly for ages 5-8, but of course kids younger or older may enjoy reading through them.

A copy of this book was provided courtesy of B&H Publishing and Lifeway for me to review. I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are my own.

You can find your copy of this book at AmazonB&H Publishing and other retailers.

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