Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mixed Feelings About This One

My children have enjoyed practically every book in this series of the Adventure of the Sea Kids. Each book has a focus and important lesson.One of their favorite things is looking for the hidden pictures on all the pages.

This particular book focuses on Easter and the fact that life isn't fair. Miss Linda, the Sunday School teacher, is having an egg hunt on Easter Sunday for her class. One her students, Paul, is autistic but has a happy disposition and is loved by the whole class.
Miss Linda has all kinds of Easter surprises including three special prize eggs. Jimmy finds two of them and Isabella finds one. Paul is very disappointed that he did not find any, to the point of pouting and pitching a fit. Miss Linda tries to encourage Jimmy to share one of his eggs with Paul, but he really doesn't want to. After Jimmy claims that it isn't fair, Miss Linda explains that it wasn't fair for Jesus to die on the cross either. Right then, another student in the class comes in late because his brother has been in an accident. As Miss Linda dismisses the class, she encourages the kids to pray for Brian's brother and asks Jimmy to think about giving an egg to Paul. Jimmy goes home and spends  week praying about what to do. In conclusion, Jimmy shares his egg with Paul, and Paul shares his prize with the manatee who got injured.

Although this book is just as cute and well illustrated as all the others, I had a few issues with this story. I agree that the ideal is for Jimmy to share his extra prize egg, but I think Miss Linda should have given him the option of sharing with anyone in the class, not just Paul because of his autism. Maybe she could have just asked Jimmy privately to pray about sharing an egg with a friend. He could still have chosen Paul.
The other conflict I have with this book is that, the author tells the class "Remember, Jesus rose to heaven on Easter Sunday so that we can live in heaven with Him forever." Yes, Jesus rose on Easter Sunday but the Scripture says "Jesus said, "Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father." John 20:17 Jesus actually remained on earth 40 days before His ascention. Easter is the celebration of Jesus rising from the dead. 

The Book does contain some positive lessons on sharing, giving, faith in Jesus, praying, and answered prayer.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Crash to read. I was not required to review this book positively.

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Meet the Author:
Lee Ann Mancini is currently an adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary. Her series, "Adventure of the Sea Kids" is a multiple, award–winning series. Promoting Christian values for children. Lee Ann graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Regent University, a Masters in Biblical and Theology Studies from Knox Seminary, Magna Cum Laude, and a Masters in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Cum Laude. She also speaks to women groups regarding the redemptive power of the gospel represented though the types of brides of the church. 
Lee Ann resides in Boca Raton, Florida. 

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