Friday, April 21, 2017

The Reliant by Dr Patrick Johnston

When the dollar collapses, widespread rioting and looting threaten the peace of a family in Zanesville, Ohio. Eight children tragically lose their parents in the chaos. The oldest, 19-year-old lovesick Sophie, is forced to care for her defenseless and hungry siblings in a stretch of woods surrounded by lawless anarchy. Their father has been killed, and their mother and Adam, Sophie’s fiancé, have gone missing. Running out of food and facing threats from encroaching marauders, they are tempted to doubt God’s love. 
When Sophie discovers her fiancé has resorted to looting to survive, she cannot bring herself to forgive him, however hard he tries to make amends. Must he sacrifice everything to win her back? 
When they capture a thief, they learn the attack on their home was no random act of violence. Torn between justice and mercy, with their allies turning against them, their faith is heated in the fire.

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  About the Author

Patrick Johnston is a family practice physician and a Christian evangelist who dreams of a Christian nation.  He is founder of the Association of Pro-Life Physicians and the Coalition to Reform Education Funding, and he is the father of seven home-schooled children. He and his wife Elizabeth are committed to revival in the church and the restoration of biblical law and constitutional government in America. He has authored ten fiction novels, two film scripts and one non-fiction workbook. 

My Take:
Honestly, this book is a difficult review for me. I have to say, although the plot was intriguing and really grabbed my attention, once I began reading, I had a tough time really getting into the book. I am not sure why. It started out action packed, with lots of things happening in the first chapter. The energy was high, with rioting and shootings after the dollar apparently lost value and spiraled the world into chaos. With the death of their parents, eight siblings run to the wooded area close to their house and set up camp to avoid the looters and others pillaging the community, in an attempt to stay alive. Food is scarce, their father is dead, they have no idea what happened to their mother or Sophie's fiance, Adam. Sophie, the oldest is now in charge or her 7 siblings, and trying her best to make the right choices. Jimmy, her brother, a bit of a rebellious teen, is constantly challenging her authority, as he struggles with his own inner turmoil. One of the younger children, Faith, has been shot and it is touch an go with her for a while. Then the book seems to slow a bit. The chapters are very long and drawn out with plenty of arguments between the siblings as to what to do, etc, and faith discussions, as well as some, flashbacks to happier times. Then after weeks of just barely making it, things begin to take a turn...

It took me a while to get through the book. Although fairly interesting, there seemed to be a block for me. Like I mentioned before, I cannot really pin point what it was, but the book just wasn't an easy flow. As you get closer to the end, the book gets a bit more interesting as someone discovers their camp and a confrontation arises. There is quite a bit of action in the last few chapters, as well as, a few twists and unexpected surprises. 
Probably the part I would say I liked the most was the faith based aspect. The author included a great message on forgiveness, that is shared in the story between the characters both loved and unloved, which leaves plenty of food for thought. The gospel message is shared clearly and it is obvious that this family really loves the Lord and is trying their best to honor Him even in a society which is now to its lowest point of degradation. Throughout the whole book, they hold tightly to their faith, even though some of the characters struggle to hold out hope and understand what God is doing as things continue to get worse.

I am looking forward to watching the movie, as I personally feel like I will likely enjoy it a bit more than the book itself.

I was provided a free copy of this book to read, but was not required to review it positively. All opinions are my own. 

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